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Hello Head.fi!!


Long time lurker, first time coming out of the shadows to post. :)  Maybe just a brief intro?  My name is Trevor, been into audio for a while, but its time to make that jump: Custom IEMs.  I am now playing out enough that I am/can justify the cost of custom in ears.  Honestly, I have been searching google and head.fi, but the more I look, the more options there are, and the more I feel like my head is going to explode; so I will try posting to see if anyone can help :).


As I said, these will be mainly used for on stage performance with an Aviom system.  I play Acoustic Guitar, sing, keys and bass at times.  I would ideally prefer something that has a relatively flatish representation, and a broad soundstage, as instrument separation is important for me when I lead.  Here's the trick, is I am looking in the $500 price range. I know I can buy some phenomenal ones like: 

UE 4 Pro

JH 5

In Earz IE p450 (on sale for March)

Westone AC1/2

UM Marvel


And so many more.  I realize that having more drivers isnt always better, but I also had looked at picking up some used JH 11s or Westone ES5 and reshelling them.  Any ideas on which Custom in ear would fit my criteria?  




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How's the RE-400? Pretty great? I want to WOW my GF
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Hi guys I like quality,effects & clarity so much that Im sticking to my discman to play original CDs.

I am currently using seinnheiser PX 200,which I feel quality is pretty good for the price sold.

However, I am doubting PX200 sound quality and wonder if theres even better headphones not so bulky if possible...that plays CDs from discman very very well?

Reason Im thinking of a change is because I doubt I can hear all the mixture of voices that strong with PX200.


I am looking at clarity and bass and music clarity with great effects from solo and mixed voice.


I also play concert DVD on my laptop and I like using headphones instead of speakers.

Those are original DVDs from Japan.


So yeah guys,,,,any good suggestion? I am looking at hopefully below 200-400. Help please!!


Music type: Rap/Hip-hop/soft rock

Type of headphone: portable & sealed over the ear/closed

Head size: small

Usage: Portable discman/laptop


How about Audio Technica ATH-M50?


Not looking at IEM,amp or any vintage models.


Or do u guys think PX200 is good enough for both potability and music effects?

Its clarity is one of the best I have come across.




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I am located in Singapore N I dislike bulky headphones.


My priorities are soundstage,clarity,bass and mixed effects! Thanks!!=)

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Originally Posted by konseki View Post

I am located in Singapore N I dislike bulky headphones.


My priorities are soundstage,clarity,bass and mixed effects! Thanks!!=)

So are you asking for IEMs? or Portables?

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can anyone please compare these for me?


brainwavs r1

mee a151

rock it sounds e-20

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So this may be a stupid question, but I have a pair of the meelectronics M6 that I use for the gym.  I can not find an ear tip that is comfortable or seems to stay put as I think I must have small ear canals.  What does everyone suggest?  I got my fiance a pair of the UE triple fi 10s a few years ago and have the same issue with those as well.

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Sorry everyone I just saw this thread so I'll make sure the one I created gets deleted! I'll just paste my question here!


I'm not exactly what you would call an audiophile as most members here are but I've learned to appreciate good sound thanks to my father's passion for Hi-fi. I'm currently looking to replace my Sennheiser MM30i in ear earphones which I guess offer acceptable sound quality (I mainly use these because they have a handy control for my ipod). Now I would like to make quite a big step forward from these IEMs with a pair of earphones that will really make my music come alive. My budget would be around 180-200$. I mostly like listening to Indie rock/alternative (M83, Matt Pond Pa..), classical, jazz, some rock. Searching around I found the Bowers & Wilkins C5 and the Monster Turbine Pro Gold earphones which both seem very good. I was more interested in the Monster IEMs but I read that the Gold seem to focus more on the bass than the mid/low range... Now considering that I'm a fan of crystal clear vocals and I don't listen to a lot of rap, electro, r&b   would these still be a good choice for me? I'm obviously open to any other suggestion (even if slightly pricier!) Thanks!

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Originally Posted by TwinQY View Post

Something with a very similarly airy and large stage size would be the EX600/1000. Very airy, treble is not as smooth as the Q701 but mids are just as clean and effortless. Classical with those will most likely blow your brains out with their timbre accuracy. Would be quite a ways different from the ATs.


Thanks very much for your help, I'll look into the EX600/1000

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For visibility and convenience (on my part's) sake, merged all of the questions after this and moved to a new post - 

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Originally Posted by kimvictor View Post

So are you asking for IEMs? or Portables?

Hi Mr Victor


I am looking at portables or full size headphones that are not bulky. But I realize that Singapore and US dollars are very different.

So my busget is preferable 200 USD max.

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By sound effects do you mean you will be making music with these headphones?


I say look into the HFI-580 and the M-audio Q40 with velour pads. I don't know how much these would go for in singapore, but the 580s current price is around $190, and the Q40 is around $120, and the velour pads an extra $30. The 580s have slogic, which is kind of like added soundstage. Personally, I like s logic but some people dont. The Q40's would be less recessed in the mids and less exxagerated highs, in my opinion both good things. The Q40's are pretty bulky though, despite having everything you want. The 580s I would say are just ever so slightly above average in size, but most mid-fi headphones are going to be bigger than beats or bose headphones (assuming thats what your looking at)


Other headphones that come to mind would be the V-moda M80, soundmagic HP100, and Logitech UE6000

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Hi I am looking for a set of new headphones my iPhone ones are causing me problems and I would like to buy a decent set. I don't have a amp or anything, I will mainly be using them with my iphone so being that I would like the mic with controller. (Mic is not necessary, but the controls I would really prefer, I use the headphones while walking, as well as in the gym). I would like something somewhat rugged, I bought a nice set of head phones for my father which then where wrapped around the phone in his pocket and broke, I was not impressed, They also wouldn't warranty it. 


Onto what Is needed:

  • I like some bass, but not overpowering
  • Mic/Control for Iphone
  • High Treble
  • Sounds great all around on most music, I mostly listen to Rock, rap, dubstep, some mellow tunes, and top 100 type songs
  • Budget: $100-150 but I will go a little higher if it will make a difference.
  • Rugged headphones, I want to be able to use these in the gym without them breaking. (I don't abuse them but at times I may have weights resting on the cord or may bump into them)
  • Comfy - I was leaning toward regular ear buds, but there isn't much of a selection in ear buds. 
  • Some decent warranty if they break or I break them (I am in Canada so I would like to purchase them online in Canada or locally unless the warranty extends over from say amazon.)


Hopefully someone can help me:) I don't have hours on end to research headphones I am in university and my time is limited so all help is appreciated. 

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Hello all, I am fairly new to the hi-fi world, and seeking to purchase some IEMs. They are purchased for use during travel, but I might start bringing them to office if I really like what I hear. My only pair of quality headphones are the ath-esw9. I really like the way they sound, but they are too big to take abroad and don’t provide enough sound isolation for a flight. I also have some krk bookshelfs for quality reference.

My hearing isn’t great, and not sure if I could tell apart a 320 bit rate from 256/128, as I never tried with the same track. But comparing the esw9 to my klipsch s4a, there is a alot of difference in the sound quality. I wanted a decent IEM to compare with my esw9, so I ordered the much praised ATH-CKM500, due to arrive in May T_T . But knowing myself, I will also want to get something better soon after they arrive, or even before. I will probably want something in the 250-400 range, maybe open box or lightly used from ebay.

I’ve experienced a lot of wire failure in the cheap IEMs I’ve had for daily use. While this pair will not get nearly as much use, I would still like to address this somehow, I do not want to get something that would fail in the same way. From what I understand, a flat wire would help extent life as it isn’t twisted about as much

Besides a strong wire, I would also like some design feature to help the peaces stay in place. My last set was the Skullcandy Fix, they are designed like hooks to hang on the ear, so that they stay in place even without the silicone tips. Maybe a vertical style of Shure will accomplish a more secure hold like that, but I’ve never used them.

Hopefully the above will help understand my situation J. I’m looking for IEMs in the 250-400 range that I will 1- enjoy as much as esw9, 2-with an unbreakable cable and 3-will stay in place :D. Naturally the last two are more like bonus features, the main thing is comparable quality to esw9, also being at least as neutral in sound.

I listen to all types music, probably more electronic, but also lot if instrumentals, vocals. Mostly variants of house/hiphop/d&b/trance, etc… I live in the states, in the central jersey.

Westone w4 and 4r seem reputable, but are they as different in SQ with the CKM500, as in their price (6X better)? I wish there was a way to hear my options, but I doubt that’s possible.

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Originally Posted by JC98 View Post

By the way I forgot to mention that I am searching for over the ear headphones...

while I've never really looked into them, the vmoda m100 are loved around here. they are incredibly durable, and more or less waterproof (I don't advise doing that)

If you don't care about style or closed or open, perhaps the he 400. I've never looked up anything about them either but supposedly really good. I think the v mode m100 would suit you though. perhaps those along with a good amp.

edit:also the ultrasone pro 900 have a lot of bass, but otherwise a very love it hate it sound.
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