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Are there any earphones that have the sound characteristics of Meelectronics CW31, but better overall?


The thing about CW31 - they sound so lovely and organic, like a true wooden musical instrument. I really haven't heard anything else like that in IEM. However their frequency range isn't that great and could use more detail and speed as well.


Any suggestions? Fischer Tandem share some of those characteristics but not quite.

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I'm planning to buy new in-ears. My budget is $70 and I mainly listen to, like: 80% Rock and 20% Hip-hop.
I have no idea what earphone I should buy. I don't really care how they look, I want them to sit comfortably and have good quality sound.

My previous earphones had this annoying high piched sound when the singer would say something that had an 's' in it when I turned the volume a bit high. I'm clueless what earphone would be the best to buy for my budget.
You guys from head-fi know tons more about this than I do, I need your advice on what to buy.


Thanks in advance!

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What IEM do you guys think is more preferable for me? My budget is approximately $200
I listen to a wide variety of genres: hip-hop, lots of rock (classic, noise, industrial, whatever you can name), hardcore punk, shoegaze, metal, idm
Just need something that can do bass very well. I didn't particularly enjoy the Atrio M5 in the very short period I auditioned them, their highs felt a little weird (Maybe that's just me?), also midrange was a little bit recessed

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i currently own ie8s almost 1.5 yrs now and love them. I was planning to upgrade whats that best option ?. Appreciate replies

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Hey everyone. I'm looking to buy some on the ear headphones (or over the ear if they were light and portable). I'm looking to spend less than $100 but I'd be willing to go up to $150 max if there was something amazing there. Sound wise, I like bassier sound and I tend to listen to a bit of everything. My most listened to genres are probably piano rock (and various forms of indie), post-hardcore (and metalcore), and all forms of electronic music. Also, style is somewhat important to me and I like colors a lot (definitely prefer a colored set over pure black. Pure white would also be nice). The two sets that I've found that seem to meet my requirements are the Audio Technica ATH-WS55's and the AKG 518 LE's. Does anyone have opinions on these two sets (comparisons would be awesome), and also, any other recommendations? Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me out.

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Hello. I'm looking for recommendations with the following guidelines: 


1. iphone controls

2. bass heavy/quality (bass-head)

4. analytical clarity and instrument separation. i know that seems to not fit with bass-head quality but i like both. 

3. Price from $200-$400


I listen to a wide range of music from rock, acoustic, hip-hop, blues, country, and pop.


Thoughts on my previous buds:

Westone UM3X - loooooved these. very analytical and clear. slightly less bass than i'd like however. 

Westone 2 - clear, but underwhelming after the UM3X. not enough bass by far.

Monster Turbines - loved these with the perfect amount of bass. but didn't fit my ears. 


also none of these had iphone controls which I'd very much prefer. 


I'm considering the new UE900s but reviews thus far have noted an analytical quality that probably won't fit my bass-head req. Also am considering the Klipsch X10i but they're going for $280 on amazon right now, compared with the non-i at $140. I can't see how the price is justified. 


Thanks in advance for your recommendations. !

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Looking for IEMs that sound very similar to the DT1350. Any price below $350.
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Hello. Im planning to buy on-ear headphones for out. I listen much to metal music, but sometimes to triphop or the orchrstral songs from games too. Max price abaut 80€. I would like detailed, clean, balanced sound, not too much bass but not too less. I was thinking abaut Beyerdynamic 501p,AKG k450,k451 and some audio technica but I newer heared anyone. They should be closed because the noise. Thanks for tips. (sorry for my english im from slovakia)
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I'm Looking new in ear earphones

Please help me choosing a new one by your recommendations


- Iphone Controls (Currently own Iphone 5)

- Deep Bass

- Price $800 and Below


I've owned so far

iE8i (destroyed)

P232 (Dog chewed up)

SE535i (Currently using)

SE215i (Backup , replaced by SE535)


The Shure SE535i Seems to lack Bass in my Opinion,

the iE8i's were very muffled

What other options do I have ? what would you recommend for bass-heads

Budget would be 800 and below, which I find it pretty fair for options.

Didn't get to use the P232 long enough (80hrs ?) to compare for bass if it had more or less than the SE535i


Should I go back to one of the ones I've owned ? Or stick with SE535i or is there something better in More rich Deep Bass

with Mid Clarity for trebble.


I am using the mid size Cushion from Shure to make sure there is complete isolate to produce best bass Possible.

the Large one is just too large and it eventually finds its way out of my ear lol and my head feels pressured




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Hello there!


I'm looking for IEMs to use in public transportation, so I'd really appreciate nice isolation and comfort.


As for the sound, I really liked  fullsized Creative Aurvana Live! with my portable player, a bit of mid bass boost and pronounced mids, at best followed but extended highs.


All this in a budget of around 50-60$. Is it even possible? ;)

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I'm in a dilenma here. 

The music which i listen to is extremely vocal based, yet I don't want to miss out on the background music,mostly asian music. I'm currently deciding between a tf10 and hf5, or any other iem thats under 200 dollars. Any suggestions?

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Okay, so I've been traipsing around this forum for a bit trying to figure out what I should pick up to replace my modified Shure E2C IEMs. I was given a pair of the E2Cs a few years back and I loved them. I ended up wearing out the cord as anyone who has owned E2Cs knows, so i recabled them and have been using them steadily for about 10 months now. They arent broken, or even wearing out, but I'm getting kind of bored of the sound. They sound good, but not really good enough, and they're lacking in the bass range I look for, what with my music tastes being primarily electronic oriented. 
I'm looking for something in the $50-75 pricerange that can satisfy my need for bass, wide soundstage, and overall sound quality to replace my aging E2Cs. 
I was looking at the following:
FAD Adagio III
Audio Technica CKS77S
and the Sennheiser CX200
Can you folks help me out here? I've not really had the ability to listen to many IEMs, Pretty much going straight from junky headphones to a halfway decent pair of sonys, and then straight to the E2Cs.
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Hello all,


I'm new here, as you can see by my post history, but I have been lurking in the stereo phone community for some time, mostly drooling at some of the amazing cans that I could never afford.

 I have, for the last couple of years had Koss KSC75 they sounded great but they kept breaking, I keep pulling the wires and have spent a great deal getting replacements. I recently decided to upgrade to some more expensive headphones and did some research for what I thought might be a suitable and affordable choice for me, I settled on Sennheiser PX 200 - II, and I feel like I may have made the wrong choice.


I find that the PX 200- II sounds rather shallow, the bass is tepid, I'm no bass head but even to me these seem to be lacking as if you are hitting a wall, sure everything is crisp and nice but it sounds shallow. Also, I find that the sound stage is really small, almost as if the music is in a small room right next to you, I suppose that is due to the fact that it is a closed set, so I suppose that I would prefer an open set.


I listen to a lot of classic rock, and so far most of it seems off, even with changing EQ settings.


So all in all I am looking for:

-Something in the $50-$80 range
_I listen to mostly classic rock, The Who, Queen, ELO also some other stuff like MUSE and movie soundtracks
-Something with more bass than the Px 200 yet not too overpowered, I just feel the roll off is too much


I am a bit bummed by all this, I was looking forward to a nice set but these fell a good bit below my expectations. If any of y'all have any suggestions for a set that is in the same price range I would be very appreciative. Thank you in advance.

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