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They used to sell the pads you are looking for, 



Out of stock currently. Keep checking or send an email to know the availability. 

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I've had the headphones for about 4 months now and I just think they're not that comfortable after longer wear, that's why I got the K240 velour ones. It's  not that I mind the sound, but after longer use they become kind of warm and itchy. The pad themselves are €16,30, but you need a minimum of €25 to place an order. Anyway, I had to order a new mini-jack extension cable + SD card anyway so I ordered it all at Thomann. I did notice the K240 pads on Amazon (UK) some days before but can't seem to find them anymore. They were a bit more expensive but had free super saver shipping. (Seeing Juno sells on Amazon I'm guessing those were the ones that I found there, so out of stock) 




They're the same thickness, pretty soft (Just got them today so they'll probably become more softer soon enough) and for me more comfy than the stock ones. The size of the hole is a wee bit smaller though, so if your ears just fit the stock ones that might be troublesome. Sounds seems pretty much unchanged. 


And a picture for you guys: 



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