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HD 650 Drivers

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I have a question if the drivers in the 650's are hand matched if one goes bad does that mean. have to replace both 

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I always had doubts about the claims that the hd650's drivers are hand matched. I've ordered spare drivers from them on several occasions and found no evidence of this. I'm pretty sure they just grab two from the stack they have sitting at the warehouse.


You don't HAVE to replace both drivers if one goes bad, but it's a good idea to have 2 drivers that are from the same batch and same level of break in so they sound exactly the same. 

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Thanks I thought that might be the case but wasn't sure.

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Sorry to bring back an old thread, but my question relates perfectly to this topic.


My question is: do the replacement drivers that you buy from Sennheiser all use the same mounting mechanism and pattern for the HD580, 600, and 650? In other words: can I buy an HD 650 driver and replace the drivers in an HD 580?


I would call it the HD 580 SPII, or a "poor man's 650." :-)

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