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Agree.  I have searched far and wide for a solution that costs less than the speakers themselves to no avail.  The A2 speakers never sounded so good as when I placed them directly on my friend's granite counter top all the way to the front edge.  I fantasize about a pair of made-to-measure granite blocks to acoustically isolate the speakers completely from my desk, but that would cost hundreds.  For now, thick, heavy books paired with the A2 rubber stands do pretty well. 

just go to a tile  countertop maker/installer place they should have loads of offcuts. even old sample slabs for showing people.


By the way i see the NEW A2+ has a few upgrades over the regular A2

built -in 16 bit DAC

RCA output

bigger binding posts

revised power supply

mini-xlr power connector

improved bass response


Do I need another set? Could give these as a gift maybe. hmmm.

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Thanks for all the great reviews and info on the A2s. I finally gave in and pulled the trigger on a set today.

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