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Fragile SP250

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On Tuesday, I bought the RioVolt SP250 as a possible replacement for my SP90. I previously posted some initial thoughts in a thread on the Iriver 2. Some more additions:

* The unit is much more skip resistant than the SP90. When walking, I would often have to stop after just inserting a disc to let the buffer fill in the SP90. No need in the SP250.

* I appreciate the remote and the more informative LCD a lot more than I thought I would.

* The rechargeable batteries are handy, because the unit is an energy hog.

* the radio can't get s**t.

Yesterday (2 days after I bought the unit) it started acting squirrely. First, I inserted a CD and the unit wouldn't recognize the disc for a long time (well over a minute). Then, I was playing a disc. Near the end of track 9, I advanced the track. It played track 10 fine, but the display showed track 7 @ 16 minutes.

Then, the unit fell from a bench, not more than 2 feet above the ground. The unit does not work at all anymore. I tried new batteries, I tried plugging it in, nada. I will obviously have to return it. I will probably buy another one as a replacement, but just to try out. Hopefully, mine was just a lemon and I can get a better quality sample. But I'm not really holding my breath.
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The Rio MP3 CD players are pretty fragile, despite what the uncritical people on the mp3.com forums say. Be very, very careful with them. The problem is that I haven't seen a good alternative to them for my needs, so if I want to use an MP3 CD player (this is becoming increasingly rare), I have no really superior choices.

Maybe I should focus some attention on hacking the iPod for use with Windows. That'd be a fun project.
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No need, there's already a program called xplay (formerly xpod) that is in the tech demo phase that will give windows compatibility. I went to an Apple store in one of the local malls and the sales rep even recommended this program. There's also a rumor that Apple might come out with a PC version as well.
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