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Lol, didn't mean to make it sound like I was e-yelling. biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

Lol, didn't mean to make it sound like I was e-yelling. biggrin.gif

Not gonna lie, I cried a lil' bit. wink.gif


Mingamo - your link doesn't seem to work.

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I have both the Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones and the Audio-Technica ATHM50S Professional Monitor Headphones.  I very much like both, but prefer the M50.  However, since I paid more than two times what I did for the Aurvana, that shouldn't surprise many.  On the other hand picking up the Aurvana for $50 something gives a bang for the buck that is very difficult to touch.

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I gottem too - awesomeness in a portable casing imo

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they hurt my ears after a little while. i cant put my finger on what exactly it is...?

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I had the same experience with Denon. I am not sure if this is what they call fatiguing?

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no, its physical, its nice and good comfy on my ears but, kind of hurts overall? maybe its my saliva glands or somthing lol.

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i read some mods like cable ones and came across earpad stuffing. I found some cheap earplug things that are usually like free and stuffed them inside the foam part and they're hella comfy.

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Is the padding really thin or is it more from the clamp of the 'phones themselves?

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No, it may just be how my ears stick out a little. They are very padded, just not much wiggle room.

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Weird, I found the leather on-ear design extremely comfortable! If anyone's interested I'm selling my pair on eBay in the UK, auction ends in about 12 hours: ebay.co.uk/itm/190639080949 Reason is Mainly cuz I only play games these days, which is not the cals strong point ;)
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The cals are fantastic gaming headphones, you probably can't better closed gaming cans under 100. If they hurt your ears, stuff the side line thing. These sound amazing out of a normal reciever + cd combo.
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The soundstage is awesome.
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