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For Sale:
Audiotechnica ATH-A700 Art Monitor - price includes paypal fees/shipping

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For me, these were the headphones that started it all.  I used them primarily for gaming and then some light music listening.  I purchased them on the recommendation of a gaming clan friend, though I somewhat mistakenly purchased these instead of the AD700 (open-ear model).    After comparing them to my iPod earbuds I was absolutely intrigued by the sonic differences, though I didn't realize that's what it was called.  Unfortunately, these headphones have not been worn in six months and need a new owner.  I also need money for a new camera or other technological desires of  mine.  wink_face.gif


On the Audiogon scale I would rate these 7/10.  Some scratches are present, but not visible unless properly angled under the light.  If I had to guess I'd say ~250 hours of use, but to be frank I have little clue.  I apologize for the poor photography quality, the images only serve as proof of ownership. The cable shows no signs of fraying, something that commonly happens with these headphones.  I do not have the original packaging.


Price includes paypal fees and shipping within the contiguous US.

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