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If I try and create a classified I get a message that I cant post a classified and the read the rules. Where are the rules, there is nothing in the terms of service regarding this and no one has responded to email query.

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That page should help... if not post about 10 more times and try to make a classified again see if that helps wink.gif

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The rules for posting a classified are found here.

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Thanks Guys,


it works today. Must have clocked up 15 posts. Joe this is really hard to find, I tried searching and came up empty handed. If I could make a suggestion, maybe the error could explain what's wrong i.e you have to pst 15 times before being allowed to post a classified add?



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luke99, I'll put in a request for better clarity on that message.  As for the For Sale/Trade FAQ/Rules, they're the first link in the blue box above the classifieds.  The link is entitled: "Classifieds Posting Guide, including POSTING REQUIREMENTS"

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