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hi guys


my knowledge of electronics is non-existent and i have no tools or anything to make my own impedance adaptors. ive had a company in china quote me 60$ inc shipping (£38) for 6 impedance adaptors and i was wondering if anyone in the UK could beat his quote. heres what i want, mostly for testing effects of impedance on various headphones. mostly to try and reduce/speed up the bass in my headphones.


heres what im after:


50 Ohm x1
75 Ohm x1
100 Ohm x1
120 Ohm x1
240 Ohm x1
300 Ohm x1




the guy in china also does not mention what resistors he uses, but i would prefer matched/near matched resistors between the left/right channels (less than 1% variation, preferably less than 0.1%)


anyone available to do it for me? i live in bristol if that makes any difference. you can audition an ibasso D10, ultrasone 780's and lindy hifi's (aka fischer audio fa-003 and brainwavz HM5's) as partial payment if you want. haha.