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Pulled the trigger on these a little over a week ago.  Initial impressions out of the box were so so,  even though I have been craving some TH-900 love for quite a while.


They just kind of underwhelmed me unfortunately.  Fast forward one week later and I absolutely adore them.  The resolution, PRaT and all that good stuff has fallen into place.  The Sig Pros are feeling a tad lonely now,  not to mention the HD-800 lol.


One concern I do have is hardware related ( I know its been discussed countless times in this thread ). 


It appears that my right cup hanger suffers from play or movement if a slight pressure is applied.


Audiowood posted a while back on a proper technique into removing the cup to gain access to the tiny under hinge screw to tighten  Followed his directions to a tee,  however what I noticed was that the screw was tight to begin with and required no further adjustment.


I am wondering how many TH-900 owners out there are living with the same issue.  I realize the TH-900 seems like the type of hp you definitely need to baby.  I recall AnakChans hanger failure some time ago,  would have thought that almost two years Fostex would have cured the whole D5000 / D7000 loose screw,  fragile cup assembly thing 


Not to mention a few owners where cups would just fall off out of the blue.


Please chime in with your thoughts / experiences.  Just live with it? what ye thinks?

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