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Originally Posted by clamchowder01 View Post

I have a not so great set up currently, just a pc with an Asus Xonar Stx sound card and the TH900 (which came today !)


I noticed, when i put on the headphone, I had it on speaker, then i switched the soundcard to heaphone mode, I can hear this little hiss.


I don't think I noticed this hiss with the Beyerdynamic MMX300 headset..


Is it the sound card or the headphone? ( I hope soundcard)

I would say it's the sound card. Have you tried the TH900 on other devices like iPod or even your motherboards on board sound card, also make sure your computer is properly grounded. If the hiss remains try a process of elimination, start off by unplugging everything that's attached to your PC and even move the sound card to another slot. hopefully this helps, let us know how you go :)

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Out of the box, the th-900 was not what i estimated - i have tested it with a demo version some weeks before, and it was a better sound.
But after more than 150 hours (24/7 running for over a week). It is excellent.
So people buying the th-900 should give the can some hours of burning in, it is worth waiting for.
After unboxing i was thinking about returning the unit - now, i would not want to change. :-)

In a view days i will check it out using balanced mode on the Bha-1.
Balanced mode with hd800 should improve the bha-1 music, hope also a balanced th-900 will do so.
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Originally Posted by Asr View Post


And I definitely like it a lot more than previous other flagships like the LCD-3, HD800, T1, et al. It eats them for breakfast and spits them back out in pieces!



I'll also add that I think the TH900 is the current-production dynamic flagship to beat and have absolutely no qualms in recommending it over both Audeze headphones, the HD800, T1, etc. Head-Fiers who want a real, serious upgrade from mid-tier headphones (like the K70x and HD6xx) should get the TH900. The other flagships are really nothing that great IMO. Although I'm generous enough to call them "above-average," I really don't think any of them are truly "high-end". The TH900 is a giant step closer to being "high-end". Not that I think the TH900 is all-the-way high-end either though. High-end for me is the OII and Qualia 010.


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Originally Posted by Asr View Post

Got in my TH900 from Moon Audio today. Usually I wait until late night to do listening, but I couldn't help myself from immediately opening the box to try them out. smile.gif



Love for the SR-007, Q010, and TH900? My kind of post.

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Originally Posted by MuppetFace View Post


Love for the SR-007, Q010, and TH900? My kind of post.

Is it a coincidence all 3 are Japanese?

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Originally Posted by dukeskd View Post

Is it a coincidence all 3 are Japanese?


What can I say, the Japanese usually make good headphones.


Though I have favorites made in Germany (HE90, Float QA), China (Jades), and the US (HP1000) too.

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The hiss seems to have disappeared...

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No, I just plugged in the headphones put em on, with nothing running.


Went to the sound card control, and switched the setting from 2 speaker to Headphone..


There was no hiss on 2 speaker mode and right when I switched to Headphone mode, there is a hiss.


Somehow it has disappeared.. but I noticed a weird electronic buzz sound while in game (Left 4 dead 2, Black ops 2). Sometimes it's there and sometimes it's not.

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Originally Posted by rgs9200m View Post
Asr, I haven't kept track of your postings, but have you spent time with the 009s along with the Omega 2s? 

Do you prefer the Omega 2s to the 009s?

(I heard both side by side at a meet and thought the 009s were much better and more resolving and transparent on a Woo WES.  I own the 009s with an 007t2 amp and formerly owned the Omega 2s.)

[I guess this is the wrong thread for this, so please ignore it if you want.]



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Thanks Asr; that's quite an impressive review. Best to you sir.

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Happy Xmas everyone - I finally found away to stop the TH900 headgs1000.gifphone stand from falling over

My two favorite headphones :)

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Re: hissing on the TH900


Some devices can exhibit background noise like hissing on sensitive, low impedance headphones. It's more common with IEMs (which are way more sensitive), but it happens from time to time on full-sized headphones if the source in question has a fairly high gain setting or just a high noise floor. The Beyerdynamics may be less sensitive, hence no hissing.


In my experience, if it were a problem with the headphones themselves you'd hear a crackling noise and the channels cutting in and out or the balance shifting to one side rather than a constant hiss.

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So those who ordered from Moon Audio already got theirs (Asr)- yet Todd hasn't even received his shipment yet apparently-at least he hasn't notified me of that yet. angry_face.gif frown.gif Damnit I need some headphones. :|



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Updated Impressions 12/26:


I've been burning in the TH900 for the past several days. It seems to me that it sounds better now. Whether that's either brain burn-in or actual headphone burn-in, I'll leave open to reader interpretation. tongue.gif There seems to be more clarity, more treble quantity (along with cleaner treble), and deeper & stronger bass.


I've also developed a distaste for the TH900's imaging since my initial impressions report - it's a bit too divergent towards the left and right, with not that much fill directly in the center. The left-right span has actually sort of become distracting.


However, the more I listen to the TH900, the more I think that it's the closest dynamic equivalent to the Stax OII MKI that I've heard! Much closer than any other flagship, but not really all thatclose to the OII. I'm starting to think that anyone who likes the TH900 would probably also like the OII MKI - natural upgrade path maybe? There's no doubt in my mind that the TH900 is extremely awesome now, so much so that I'm thisclose to putting it in my "excellent" ranking alongside the OII and Qualia. I'll have to ponder that some more though.


Incidentally, the above comment on Japanese headphones reminded me that I own a small bunch of Japanese headphones right now from Audio-Technica, Stax, and Fostex. smile.gif

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I await your comparison of them to the AD2000X -- the new version that is. evil_smiley.gif

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