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Electronic equipment, by it's very nature, will affect the sound they emit based on the components used in their architecture and design.  They attempt to faithfully reproduce sound but can only emulate what we can hear and the reproduction will never be the the exact duplicate of the sound. Yes, they come close but, with current technology, they will never be the same.

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Oh dear. That sounds quite depressing!!!

It's similar to a photo. Not the real thing. We do tend to doctor photos to look 'better' than the real thing though so maybe we do the same with hi fi.

A photo that looks 'realistic' may be quite boring and that has been said on occasions about 'flat' headphones!!

Boring can mean that it sounds realistic, which is what we hear all of the time, so it's boring to us perhaps?
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It's not depressing at all.  Electronics have gotten quite good at reducing the colorations they introduce but your photo analogy is spot on.  It's a reproduction, not the original, and can come very close to the original.  Think about how sound is produced.  Some physical event, a voice, and instrument, a cannon or thunder as examples cause the air to vibrate. Even the properties of the air (thin or heavy, humid or dry) have an effect on how things sound.


Unless you have the exact same physical components with the exact same properties, a persons vocal chords, a violin, gun powder exploding in a metal cylinder, charged particles interacting to produce lightning and thunder you can only "emulate" what those things do to produce sound.  It's just amazing that electronics and speakers can even come as close as they do to reproduce the sound of those events and they're just getting better and better at it every day.

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Well, my comment was light hearted.

The photo analogy was exactly as you're saying. It's a replica of the real thing.

Interestingly, one set up that I trialled was so realistic through speakers that it actually made me like Elvis Presley!! Never liked him really until I heard this set up. (With speakers) the definition was so good, that I could hear him breathing and his clothes rustling before he started singing. I was able to point where he was standing in the room. It literally made my hairs stand up on my neck.

It was amazingly realistic but the system cost the price of two family cars!! Python cables and very inconvenient in a home, but the sound never left me.

It was literally like a private concert. Only guilt stopped me buying the system in the end but it did make me realise just how mediocre a lot of equipment really is!! Or at least, a compromise.
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