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For Sale: FS: -- Pico Slim -- as new, Silver or Black, Limited Edition

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For Sale:
FS: -- Pico Slim -- as new, Silver or Black, Limited Edition

Will Ship To: Anywhere

As a result of some manic buying and selling over the last month, I've accidently ended up with TWO Pico Slims.  Only need one, so one's for sale.  Which one? I don't honestly care. I love them both, can't really distinguish the sound, and find them both quite attractive. So I suppose I'll let you all decide for me.



#1) Pico Slim, Limited Edition, Black.  Absolutely mint, with all accessories, approximately one year of use. Well burnt in.  Limited Edition means that Justin at HeadAmp will replace a dead battery on this unit free of charge in perpetuity. 


#2) Pico Slim, Silver.  Absolutely mint, with all accessories, INCLUDING the micro-usb cable Justin sells for the unit. Less than 2 weeks of use.  Completely as new, ie., NOT burnt in.  


One of these has the USA AC charger, the other as the European AC charger, so I can provide you with whichever you need, whichever unit you wish to purchase (I don't need it, I have plenty of micro-usb ac chargers around.)



Looking for $380 for the 1 year old Black Limited Edition and $340 for the new silver unit with the micro-usb cable.  


Prefer local sale in NYC, but will ship anywhere in the world.

PM for shipping rates.


Bought at sold over $20,000 of audio and photo equipment here and elsewhere with excellent feedback. (ebay: avurosk4xrh)

I package and ship very carefully, and stand behind what I sell.  Buy with confidence.  PM with any questions.





I haven't mentioned anything about the sound of these amps, because I'm assuming you already know all about them.  If not, check out Headfonia's 12 portable amps compared, which I've found to be quite accurate in my own testing:




If you have iems, this is the best amp in the world. It has the best sound quality, is the most portable, has an incredible battery life, and the most amazing volume pot I've ever experienced. I've directly a/b these to many, many other recent portable and desktop amps, and never found anything that sounds better with my JH13 customs.  RSA Shadow doesn't come close, IMHO, volume control is a nightmare and sound is too dark and muddy.  You should not be compensating for a 3rd rate source with an overly dark amp - you will get bigger, tighter, more powerful bass with a better source and a neutral amp, like this. 

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PM sent

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Sorry everyone, I have a really long, hard day at work today, and like 10 PMs to respond to.  I'll make sure to get back to everyone by tuesday morning, I promise.  Please remember to say _which_ one you're interested in, if you haven't.  Yes I still have them, no the price is not negotiable for now, and yes, I will ship anywhere.  thank!

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I've decided not to sell the new silver one.  


The reason being threefold. Someone was about to buy it, but when I doublechecked to make sure there were absolutely no marks on it, I realized it has these (incredibly) minor scratches along the side, where it must have rubbed something when the case was off.  Photos make them look much worse than they appear, but still, I can't call it prestine mint if it has these. It's a shame that something two weeks old already has these, but I guess it knicks very easily. I really hadn't noticed them, keeping it in the case all the time.  




The second is that, after closely examining the two amps side by side over and over, I've realized that there are actually two very minor technical problems with the silver, again keeping it from being absolutely perfect. The volume control is not absolutely smooth from end to end, but tightens up ever so slightly near the bottom, and the audio imput does not "lock" as solidly and securely as does the black one.  Maybe the quality control on the original Limited Edition ones was a bit higher - who knows?  In any case, these are all things I would have never noticed if I had just bought one Pico Slim, but having the two to compare side by side, I find them noticable.


The black, limited edition Pico Slim is, by contrast, absolutely perfect. There are absolutely no knicks or scratches on its prestine mirrorer laquer surface, the imput locks solidly and securely, and the volume is absolutely smooth as silk end to end.  In fact, knowing what I know now, I'd say it may very well be better than a brand new item you might buy (as it was for me.)


I'm not quite as fond of the silver as the black aesthetically, but I feel better about selling the black on head-fi, because I don't want anyone to get the amp and potentially be dissappointed or want to return it. 


The price is $380 picked up, $385 shipped within the US or to Canada for now, or $392 most foreign countries, paypal included.  


I'm going to keep the price firm for a few days, but if nobody's interested by the end of the week, I'll be open to offers.  

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