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Hello all. Im recording some guitar riffs on my computer and need some advice. Im trying to emulate the guitar tone of Bloodbaths "Resurrection Through Carnage". The producer himself posted on a forum about how he achieved this tone: 


"I used a Boss HM-2 into a Digitech GNX2 preamp. I used the Marshall-amp and Speaker emulation. Later on I used the Free Filter plug-in to "rip" the guitartone EQ from Left Hand Path (using the Intro from "Drowned") and applied that to my own "try".  


My setup is a Gibson Explorer > Behringer HM-300 pedal (Boss HM-2 clone) > Behringer FCA202 DAC/ADC > Logic Express 9. I am able to record but it sounds nothing like the bloodbath tone. I couldn't find a VST called "free filter plugin", google only came up with a bunch of filters that were free of cost. What is this filter that can "rip" the guitar tone? I have access to a Digitech RP150 which is cheaper than a GNX2 but might sound similar.  


Can someone link me to this "Free Filter" plugin? Google only pulled up a bunch of results for filters that are free of cost. Any idea what he's talking about?