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For Sale: Grado SR80i

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For Sale:
Grado SR80i

Will Ship To: US

Approximately 2 years old.  I'm sorry, but I do not have the original packaging.  


Some sings of use include (all visible in the pictures): 


  • some fading of lettering on the sides
  • twisted cable - the earcups spin freely which has caused the cables to twist on occasion
  • very soft earpads, which has started to result in slight tearing.  On the plus side, they are extremely comfortable now.  I wouldn't dream of swapping them for new pads.


As far as audio is concerned, they are in perfectly good shape and sound just as good (or better if you believe in burn-in) as they did the day I got them.  


I'm very fond of these and hate to give them up, but I've upgraded (SRH 940 and DT880).  They've been sitting in my closet unused for the past month, which is a bit silly.


Paypal only, please.



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