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Sorry Bigshot you are wrong--=The Beatles in mono-The Beatles Box--The Beatles . The collection-The Beatles the mono collection. The Beatles Stereo Box Set --The  Beatles in mono box set. First CD box set -1988-Re-Re mastered -2009- under the title =   The Beatles stereo box set    The Beatles Collection. While some look the same they are not. They are all box sets and that doesnt include special editions  but too dear for me.

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Through the late 80s, the Beatles albums were released as individual CDs with a bare bones mastering that was basically just a straight transfer off the master tapes.


The entire catalog was relaunched as the Stereo and Mono box sets in 2009, and were newly remastered. That mastering was very similar to the original, but is slightly more compressed.


Most Beatles fans I've spoken to prefer the Mono box and the original releases over the Stereo box remastering.

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In 1978--there was a box set of  Beatles LPS --In 1988 the First box set of the Beatles Cd's was issued and  21 Years later it was the re re-recordings. There were many box sets . don't you believe what I posted Its easy enough to check up.? I will repeat  the UK came out with more box sets whether they were exported to the US I do not know. If you can get --The Record Collector [UK] up on your PC you will see I am right.Its a UK record collectors mag I got it for 20 Years or so getting it If I can find some I will look through   them .But the above titles were ALL box sets---in the UK.  --Yes the Record Collector .co.uk is on line --sorry you have to pay for information. But it says it is the World authority on record collecting  considering its been on the go since the 70s it could be right.   

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Two CD masterings... original and the recent Stereo Box remasters.

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Yes thats right -no argument there. But you were disputing the number of box sets. I have found a site you dont have to pay for to view- Wikileaks-- Google info on Beatles box sets-two web pages to this. Most info on it agrees with me.And they are only the normal official ones many "special editions" were issued. Some quite rare. As I said -in the UK. Off to bed now its late in Scotland see you in the morning.

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Okay it should be Wikiphonia not Wikileaks. But there is a lot of sarcasm in your link to that webpage. Treating another country in an inferior manner. Thats arrogance. Tell me the ratio of US killed to Taliban/civilians killed ???--vast.

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I get the feeling that there really isn't a lot of point following a conversation that wiggles all over the place like this.
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It was aimed at Radio_head for his link did you read IT? Making fun of a country --ANY country --is rude and ill mannered.There are good and bad in every country.-As Jesus says--"he who is without sin let them cast the first stone---There wont be many stone throwers in this life.

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I try not to get derailed by tangents.
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I was calling into question the veracity of information contained on wikileaks and taking it as any sort of credible source by pointing out one of many cables in "cablegate", purporting to have "proof" of extraterrestrial life, among other things.  I would have posted the video they "leaked" but it keeps being taken down.  Point is, if you are asserting a point, wikileaks is not a source to anchor yourself towards.  Any other implications you took out of it were unintended and reading way too much into it.


Don't worry about the wikileaks/wikiphonia mixup.  I mix up wikipedia and the Wicca religion myself constantly.  The police were really confused when they got a call about a strange wikipedia ritual going on in a local parking lot.

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I take your point Radio_head- I tried to get the " Record Collector" web-site as a source. But you have to pay for info. I would be bankrupt if I used that method for info. But  I will try for another  source . I do have 20 Years of Record Collector        mags but would need to look through them for  info. But I stick by the fact  in the UK there were many  Beatles boxed sets. I am even sure there was a special Liverpool edition.[where they lived]

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Well I got another source {but not finished yet] -Amazon -The Beatles Box Set -Remastered if the one we are talking about but previously there was the Beatles in Mono Box Set also The Beatles EP collection-Box Set and just to make it MORE complicated--In the US [EMIs parent company]  Capitol issued TWO Box Sets Volumes 1 + Volumes 2--2004 and 2006 and they get a  better write up  for the early numbers than the latest issue it was the later  numbers that exceed the earlier versions in fidelity  and there are more special editions but I want to prove that so I will get back on it. All is not what  it seems in the World of Beatles CDs. issued. 

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Can a moderator please move all this bickering over to the "general" or "miscellaneous" area of the forum please? Otherwise there is some fantastic information here about remasters which is useful.
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Bickering?????. My WORD was brought into disrespect by a claim there were only  TWO boxed Sets of  Beatles CDs I have PROVED that is not the case. I will not  comment any more on this if the person making the allegation  leaves it as it  is. If not then in the interests of balance  and fairness I should be allowed to reply to that person if he posts  again saying there were only TWO box sets. I DON'T lie!!!

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