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Portable HP - Sennheiser HD 25-1-II ,Superlux HD661 or AKG K420...

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Hello. I been looking for solid portable HP 4 last month or so. My budget was ~50e but now is ~150e  so the HD 25-1-II got on the list.  

At first I was looking in 2 AKG K81DJ but I hear they are not that comfortable and decided to give AKG K420 a try when local music store have them in stock again.


I have few questions.


1) Are HD 25-1-II more comfortable then K81DJ?

2) This HD 25-1-II are basic model and don't come with spare velour pads or bag?


 -  HD 25-13 II that comes with extra ear pads and a bag are 600 Ohms and 180e. I already gone over a limit I set 4 myself [140e] biggrin.gif

3) Are velour pads more comfy?

4) They are good 4 hip-hop, r&b, dubstep, rock since I tend 2 listen 2 that kind of music when I'm on a go? [I put some bands and artists in my profile that I usually listen at home]

5) I will prob also getting Superlux HD661. How do they compare? Do any1 got them both?

6) Will they go nice with iPod Nano 4th gen + Fiio E6 [that I might also order] + L3 LOD. Any suggestions 4 where could I order E6+LOD cheapest and with cheap delivery? I live in Europe - Serbia. Thanx


Sorry 4 bothering you but I'm having a second thought about spending that much on a portable HP 'cause I don't have a change of listening and trying them on.


Btw other HP that I have at the moment are Samson SR850, Sennheiser HD201 [backup] and Panasonic HTF600 are on the way. I had AKG K77 before, Sennheiser HD 415 and HD555 [4 few weeks - borrowed from a friend].


I would also order some Phillips SHE3580 4 backup when I need IEM.


Any suggestions and feedback will be appreciated.


P.S. Sorry 4 my bad english. wink_face.gif



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btw how does AKG K420 compare 2 Superlux HD661? Any1?

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Have you considered the VMODA M80s?

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Originally Posted by theThirty3rd View Post

Have you considered the VMODA M80s?

Nah. I heard good thing about them but they are more expensive than senn 25 and I prefer senn's headband. wink_face.gif

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2.) Its kinda a craps shoot when buying them because there is the basic, professional edition (normal) and if they don't show the box then your left to assume what it really
3.) In my opinion it is not a contest. I felt like the normal pads were kinda burning/ itching on mybears so I put the Velour pads on and I'm extremely happy. Although the one downside is some isolation is lost.
4.) I would say yes, but I really don't have anything to compare them to so I don't know who useful my opinion really is.
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I would heartily recommend HD25-1, especially with velour and re-cabling options to suit your needs/taste. Indestructible and very decent sounding - especially with rock/pop. If I could only keep one can, that would be it.





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I think that for Hip-Hop, R&B, Dubstep and Rock the HD25 would be great for you!

Comfort is average though...

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Thanx 4 the feedback. I guess hd25-1-II are a safe bet. I'm just pissed that basic model don't comes with velour ear pads and the 25-13 is 600 Ohms so they are not 4 portable use with iPod nano. Basic ver. is ~150-160e + tax and delivery. Prob gonna cost me around 200e [I will prob have about that in my pocket after tonight out drinking - hopefully biggrin.gif].

I'm still not sure should I just pull the trigger on this1.


I will need 2 wait 4 my brother that lives in Germany 'cause I can get 2 him right now and I already order Panasonic htf600 on his address a week ago. He's looking 4 a better and cheaper place 2 move to. So I might have to wait 2-3 week until he get settle. mad.gif

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btw since the basic hd25-1-II is going 2 cost me 200-210 euros after custom and delivery I decided 2 order

SUPERLUX HD-661 BLACK + AKG K-240/270/271 VELOUR PAD 4 Panasonic HTF600 and Samson SR850 + Philips SHE3580 now from Germany and I will get HD25-1-II later over here after I try them in a store with some other HP. They are little under 220e over here. Thanx wink_face.gif


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