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Odd I know. Most gamers will pick up a great set of cans and either use a desktop mic or hook up a boom mic to their headphones and benefit from the awesomeness of a headset without the compromises that most "Gaming Headsets" make.


For my gaming, I always used to use an over-the-ear Logitech USB headset. One cup on my left ear, mic on the left side, cable on the left side, right cup sitting behind my right ear, sounds belting out of my 5.1 system. When they died I bought a Corsair HS1A headset and whilst they're alright I'm not much of a fan of them and want to move closer to what I used to have.


I've been using my custom IEM's lately for TS3, just the left earpiece in and having the game audio coming out through my headset and using the attached mic.


Crazy questions:


How crazy does it sound to purchase a boom mic and create a method of attaching it to my IEM's in such a way that it is easy to take off and put back on?


Any cheap mic recommendations? (The Labtec LVA-7330? seems to be a popular choice. I've seen mention and mixed reports of Zalman clip-on's)


And how could I go about doing this?