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Yet another verison of FA-004/Brainwavz HM3

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Seems like the OEM manufacturer is getting a lot of use out of this housing. It is also used for the Incipio NX-100 F38.

The question is how much different is the driver in this versus the other headphones. Their cheap enough that maybe someone wants to compare.



They offer them in a whole bunch of different colors too.




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I like the color choices..

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Nice..they look solid. 

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Pink version..hmmm, it looks like a nice option for a girlfriend gift. 

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Another day, another Fischer. Judging by Brainwavz and LINDY, the Yoga-OEM Incipio phones will most likely have the same drivers as the Fischers.

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$25 on Newegg, free shipping for the white. I may jump on those to hear them.
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I got the "Mocha" color of the Incipio f38 in a trade (along with $70) for a Bose IE2. My wife currently uses them when she is at home and says they are pretty good. I only listened to them for a couple minutes myself.


I made a topic a few days ago asking if anyone had ever heard of these. It's good to see that there is at least a little quality in them.

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There's even a Maxell version, the Maxell Retro DJ http://uk.maxell.eu/en/products/retro-dj-black-76.aspx

I have one in black. It can be had for around $16-$25.

Based on the reviews on the sound of the FA-004 and the HM3, they are most likely the same.....


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So... anyone have anymore info on these things? If they sound the same as the 004s i'd like to pick up either the espresso or pink color.
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Thought I'd take a " hit"  for "Head-Fier's". I purchased a pair of Incipio forte F38's (in greenish turquoise color) on Amazon.com since Maxell doesn't seem to be avaialbe in U.S. and Brainwavz HM 3 is more expensive. Compared to my Fischer Audio FA-004, paid approx. $67 USD for Fischer's and $31 USD for Incipio's shipping included.


The major differences in the headphones physically would be in the earpads, the Incipio's have a much softer pleather-more like a soft leather texture, The earpads actually encompassed the upper part of the ear which seemed to give a little bit better isolation. The next major difference is with the cord, the Incipio is straight and shorter while my Fischer' are coiled and quite a bit longer. 


With the better isolation seal I hoped it may help these headphones in the bass departmart, but unfortunately it did not. It actually brought out the midrange ever so slightly (one area that I do not need any help in). The bass was not affected where I believe they need help in the low and mid bass areas. So all-in-all save your money and buy the Incipio Forte's I think you'll be glad you did, Happy Listening.

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It seems that a no-name version of this headphones is sold in France for 13 euros only



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i confirm Timeo, I've just bought one and I'm impressed by these 13e headphones !

Buy them you won't regret it !

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Here is another even cheaper version of the same headphone called Ace MP-68 from Sweden.

Sells around 12 euro.



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Originally Posted by MattTCG View Post



Your HifiMAN bias is starting to become quite apparent.  biggrin.gif

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