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For Sale: Grado HF-2 B

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For Sale:
Grado HF-2 B

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Have the following cans for sale. All come with original packaging and accessories if any. Prices include shipping to CONUS and PP fees. I'm ok w/shipping overseas but you'll have to pay for actual shipping costs. Prices are somewhat negotiable as I haven't been paying attention to used prices lately so don't really have a good feel for how much these items are going for currently.


1. [SOLD] Grado HF-2 - $360 - Very good condition. B-stock #1113. Purchased June 2011 on head-fi. Fantastic Grados, my favorite sound signature out of the ones I've tried. The L-cush pads that it came with seem to have been flattened a little (whether intentionally or just from use I'm not certain) but I actually like it better than the regular L-cush as it's softer and brings the sound even closer to the ears. Not quite flat pad level but different from the usual L cush.

2. [SOLD] Audio-Technica ATH-W1000x - $440 - Like new condition. Purchased June 2011, never used much.

3. [SOLD] Alessandro MS Pro - $500 - Excellent condition. Purchased July 2011 but I'm the second owner. Not used much either.

4. [SOLD] Ultrasone Edition 8 Ruthenium - $950 - Like new condition. Purchased recently from these forums, not fond of the sound signature.


Feel free to PM/email if you have any questions or would like to see photos of specific parts.


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Wanted: $150 (USD)
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PM sent


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Sent a pm too!

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Are the Alessandro MS Pro still up for sale and how would they compare in sound to the Senn hd 650s? New to the forum and need to purchase second pair of cans for partner.

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