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I recently picked up a V-Can Mk I for late night listening and am curious what folks here have found to be a good match for this amp.  Because sound leakage is an issue, I need a closed back can.  My preference is for a neutral and accurate response across the audio band, but not so analytical as to become fatiguing.  I want to be tired eventually, but not my ears!


I have Shure SRH840s and Sennheiser HD 380 Pros on their way to check out, and currently own Eartools RP-21s, which are OK, but I long for a more involving sound.  My budget ranges up to about $300.


What other closed circumaural heaphones should I consider as a synergystic match for the V-Can?


I also posted this question in the Full Size Amps forum.


Thanks in advance.