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For Sale: Ultrasone PRO 900s

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For Sale:
Ultrasone PRO 900s

Will Ship To: UK


For sale we have here a pair of Ultrasone Pro 900's. These - while not completely new - have had less then 10 hours of listening time, and come fully boxed. Seriously good sounding headphones (the bass people talk about is not a myth), I am just selling because I need something smaller. 

I am looking for about £200-250 (I am really not 100% sure on what price to be offering, so please make me an offer) and about £5 for shipping. Will come with receipt from Amazon to uphold the warranty.


Here are some pictures of the 'phones:








These headphones are in absolutely pristine condition. Any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask.



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Was this purchased from Amazon UK and fulfilled by Amazon UK or was it through Marketplace?


Where in the UK are you based?

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They were purchased from amazon itself, not the marketplace still with the receit to prove it. The headphones are in Bristol.





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Excellent. Are there any scratches or scuffs on the silver plate on the cups, or anywhere else for that matter?


In case I had to ever go through warranty, I would obviously say that the headphones were purchased as a gift for me, but are you prepared to help with any warranty repair/replacement requests?

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There are no scuffs at all, they are in like new pristine condition. And I would be happy to help with any warranty or repair problems. 



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What's the sound leakage like on these? I have the HFI-780 at present and they have a good seal. I was researching the Pro 900s last night and it appears the sound leakage may be a problem for me. I would love to demo them but I'm near Heathrow, Bristol is too far out for me unfortunately. Any opinions on the isolation and sound leakage at high volumes? Cheers.

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Yeah, they do leak a bit of sound. If theres a bit of background noise, you generally cant here a thing (by abit of background noise I mean, for instance, someone having a conversation ect). However if its completely silent, then yes, there is sound leakage - although it is not a massive problem.. 

If its any consolation, I have used these at University in the libary, and no one told me they were too loud. I was being extra aware aswell, didn't want to be 'that guy.

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Thanks for the reply. I only just purchased the HFI-780 a month ago but I really wanted the Pro 900 . However, the price was too high. If only I had stumbled upon you earlier lol.


I'm finding it difficult to go ahead with this without trying them first which is a real shame. :(





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