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For Sale: SOLD: Sennheiser PC360 G4ME

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For Sale:
SOLD: Sennheiser PC360 G4ME

Will Ship To: United States


For sale are my perfectly functional pair of Sennheiser PC 360 G4ME headset. Factory Box included.

These retail from $185 (at it's cheapest) to 250.

Selling them because they won't be getting any headtime with my two main cans in the house.

They are 100% in full working condition.

Cosmetically, they are in great condition with the SOLE exception being the torn headband padding which was unfortunately glued by my stepfather (yes, he is ashamed, lol). The glue does nothing to hamper comfort, and a quick headband swap would make them as good as new. I haven't bothered because these are rugged headphones, not eye candy.

I ask for $120 TOTAL, which includes shipping and paypal fees.

They sound stellar, are comfortable.

The photos are with flash. They only LOOK dirty in the pics. I assure, they are not. That is the flash. Aside from some lint, the pads are in great shape.

I will only sell them at this price, or not at all. With paypal and shipping fees, I will barely be getting just over $100 (if that), so it's a steal for possibly the best open headSET in the market right now. The only competition I feel they have is the MMX300 which is closed.

PM me if interested.
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