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AKG no contest.
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My experience with the Beyerdynamic DT770s is that they isolate extremely well, are fairly compact for a non-collapsible over-ear model, and sound fantastic. They have a lot of detail and can give a punchy bass when it exists somewhat naturally. They're designed as professional recording studio monitors, so they have a good (IMO), natural sound -- no over-the-top bass. I like them a lot. They can be a little clampy but that can be fixed easily by stretching out the headband. This was a MUCH bigger problem, for me, with the Sennheiser 280s which I loved for a while and gradually grew to despise for both comfort and sound. They're very detailed but the sounds weren't separated much so it was more difficult to appreciate than other cans.

Have you considered a noise-blocking IEM? I can't ever find one to stay in my ear but if you don't have that problem, that may be the way to go for travel. Best one Ive tried (haven't tried but a few) was the Klipsch S4s. I use them in my noisy van on my commute. They have a lot of detail, bass, and expansiveness. ...if you can get them positioned in your ear correctly.
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old thread :P

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hahaha ...oops
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HI :)

Bose Quietcomfort 2:
used but the same sound quality with the new ones as I brought them to one of Bose stores, and also with new leather. 
75 euro

AKG 845bt:

90 euro


superiority of Bose:

- the sound has more bass (well for enjoying the music it will be an advantage but in general for composing and monitoring I don't know)

- more comfortable and light

- more beautiful

- the wire is longer while using the midi controller as it is not possible to use BT. 

- not that different from Bose Quietcomfort 15, and I guess as it is in the same price as AKG (300euro) definitely for AKG some amount of the price is for the Bluetooth and not the sound quality


superiority of AKG:

- it has Bluetooth so no need to be worried about the wires

- it is new (although the owner of Bose is my friend and is reliable) 

- less bass sound and beats but probably more natural(?)


The most important fact for me is the sound quality (TO BE ABLE TO DISTINGUISH BETWEEN THE INSTRUMENTS IN A SONG) and I guess I am not able to fully evaluate this feature between them as I am not professional in sound engineering and etc. So far as a beginner the Bose one brings more excitement by its stronger bass (my friends also confirm) but I would like a confirmation from specialists. 

I would highly appreciate if you help me by that

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