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Originally Posted by zachgraz View Post

I want to get a sound output straight from the kernel, not from the app as I want sound processed also by Viper4Android.


With my previous phone (S3, Boeffla kernel) it worked flawlessly.

OK I got it working now. The solution was simple - I need to close Neutron Player in the task manager, then connect the DAC, then restart Neutron.


If a DAC is connected while Neutron is running, even in the background, it will crash. Problem solved. Looking forward to my Musical Fidelity V90 which will arrive today...

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This thread is hard to manage. I'll just ask here in case anybody has studied it more then me.

I have a LG G3, and I want a DAC that doesn't need a special player. This is the part I'm having trouble finding. 

The FAQ in the first post, and trying to search relevant information in this thread, I can't find anything regarding this. 


I want to use Google Play all access (using the "Play Music" app). 

Is this possible with a usb DAC? 


I was thinking LG G3 -> otg cable -> Dragon Fly 1.2 -> Play Music app


Will this work? I can put my phone on either 4.x or 5.x Android. 

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COZOY Aegis is confirmed working with a Note 4 on KitKat 4.4.4








Um......wow! Sounds ******* stunning.......holy sheeet!:eek: 

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So I just got the Note 5 and it plays HiRes music natively.


I streamed flac files all the way up to 24/196 from my router, downloaded a couple and (outside of a couple download artifacts) plays perfectly in every player I tried.


I'm listening straight through the headphone jack with my Grado GH1's and it sounds pleasant enough - before critical listening, at least. The HiRes download played through Google Play easily beats the MP3 streamed through the same app.


I'll have to delve into this feature a little more later...

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Hi folks,


I need a suggestion please. My Musical Fidelity V90 DAC cannot be connected straight from my Smartphone via USB OTG. It remains silent.


Now I am looking for a DAC/Converter that works with Android devices and has SPDIF OUT / coax or optical.


So the plan is: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 -> USB-DAC->SPDIF OUT -> Musical Fidelity V90 DAC.


Any suggestions ? Any of the HifimeDIY products worth considering ?

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