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So how do you adjust volume on Hiby??

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Originally Posted by m-i-c-k-e-y View Post

So how do you adjust volume on Hiby??

Use volume buttons of your device.

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Originally Posted by SV_huMMer View Post

Use volume buttons of your device.

Doesnt work with my Samsung SIII

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Neither with my Samsung Note 3...:(

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What is the cheapest android phone that support OTG?

Can't find one below 50$ and screen size below4 inch.
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Originally Posted by Warpkitty View Post


I upgraded to Android 5 on my Nexus 7 2012 (sideloaded using adb as the OTA wasn't being pushed). Native USB audio does not work with the two DACs I tried (cheap Startech thing and Matrix mini.)

With cyanogenmod both DACs work fine.

"Record and play back audio in USB host mode
This function is only available on Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 7 (2013), Nexus 9 and Nexus 10 devices from Android 5.0."
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Thanks DanBa ... good to know.

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Those located in the UK may be interested to hear that Cambridge Audio have reduced the price of the DacMagic XS USB dac and headphone amp over this Black Friday weekend to £49-95 ( half price ! ). It's available instore at Richer Sounds but if, like me, you do not have a local Richer Sounds, it is also available direct from their website, post free.

I was considering one of these a while ago but at this price I have now purchased !

It's a very small portable dac which simply has micro USB in and 3.5 analogue out with 2 buttons on top to control volume. I understand that it is an analogue volume control and it uses the Sabre ESS9023 chip, but has no battery for internal power. Interestingly, I see from the manual that it has 2 modes - USB 1 and USB 2 ( they provide a driver for Windows for the USB 2 mode ) and I wonder if this gives more flexibility regarding the hardware it can operate with. In the UAPP list I see that they suggest you will need to use the USB 2 mode but I would have thought ( and hope ! ) that the USB 1 mode should work natively with a lot of USB OTG enabled Android devices.

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Some latest smartphones & USB DAC/amp in Japan:

The legend from top to bottom are: [Thank AnakChan for translating!]

High res quality play back
44.1kHz/16bit CD quality play back
Unstable (probably means connectivity is inconsistent)
SU-AX7 using camera connection kit

[The reviewer is not aware of USB Audio Player PRO or HiByMusic which can play and transmit high resolution audio to USB DAC. ]

Sony Xperia Z3:

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge:

Sharp Aquos Zeta:

Fujitsu Arrows NX:

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active:

Dëff DDA-A20RC:

Onkyo DAC-HA200: rebranded TEAC HA-P50 with different opamp

Sony PHA-3:

Pioneer XPA-700:


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Got bored and installed an early release of CM12 (Lollipop) on my Moto G, it's working with my Fiio E17.

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Got a ibasso D-Zero SE. Can't get it to work with my Note3 via OTG. Purchased it because it was on the list as working. Not sure what to do now. Any help or suggestions would be great. Thanks.
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Never mind. Operator error. Lol.
Originally Posted by Guidostrunk View Post

Got a ibasso D-Zero SE. Can't get it to work with my Note3 via OTG. Purchased it because it was on the list as working. Not sure what to do now. Any help or suggestions would be great. Thanks.
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GoRave wireless multi-room audio & Android USB audio:



"Any audio content your device can output (except phone calls) can be cast from your GoRave Audio Sender to the Audio Receiver and played on the great-sounding loudspeakers in your space."




Android device > digital USB audio out >> GoRave Android Audio Sender >> SKAA radio link >> GoRave AR5 Audio Receiver >> GoRave speakers







"Most Android devices will work fine with GoRave. However, GoRave depends on the Android software and the device manufacturer.


All devices with Android v5 “Lollipop” will work perfectly with GoRave.


Devices with Android v4.4 “KitKat” and earlier (v4.1 “Jelly Bean” and v4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich”) will likely play just fine. Your Android device will need to have USB Audio Output turned on in order to play your audio via the GoRave Android Audio Sender. If you don’t hear audio playing on your GoRave speakers, check that the USB Audio Output feature is enabled in your Android OS settings.


Android’s USB Audio Output feature requires “USB Host Mode”, also known as “USB OTG (On-The-Go)” hardware. Most device manufacturers support this feature in their hardware. If your device does not have USB Host Mode / USB OTG, you can still play with GoRave via a music player application called USB Audio Player Pro.


If you’re not sure if your Android device will work with GoRave, try it with a USB loudspeaker or dock. If you can play from your device with USB speakers work, then your device supports USB Host Mode.

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Is anybody using Cyanogenmod CM.11 with a Samsung Galaxy SIII? I was that close to flashing it, when I found this issue on Cyanogenmod forum https://jira.cyanogenmod.org/browse/CYAN-40. According to this, CM11 does not support USB Audio. Can somebody confirm this?

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Oh my.


I'm trying to figure out how do i replace my old iRiver h120 in the car with a brand-new-awesome-android-phone.


I'm looking for an app to be able to...

1. Play music, including lossless stuff

2. Handle directory-based navigation

3. Have DSP plugins with open-source framework (or at least a sample plugin + compiling example). or be open-source with compile instructions or something like that.

4. Have a parametric EQ (less of importance, i can do it in 3 myself...)



Why 3&4?

I want to implement a simple channel delay to equalize time delay between channels in the car - when you sit asymmetrically and the sound comes with a time difference from right and left speakers... Also i need the parametric EQ to fix frequency response to some degree...


Seems an mp3 player from 2003 is still better than 2014 androids :)

The rockbox for adroid is still unusable :(




Please please please, if you have any ideas :)



Or just screw it, and use beagelbone black + android as a remote... hmmm.

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