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There was such an attempt, but it was unsuccessful.

eXtream Software Development (i.e. UAPP software house) has developed a USB audio service that other music players can use to stream their decoded audio to USB DAC, but the other developers have not finally followed up.


Read the full post here, it is very well documented: http://www.head-fi.org/t/595071/android-phones-and-usb-dacs/5565#post_10985943



Thank you Dan for the update about the attempt of eXtream to offer their services to other audio players... Obviously Windows offers a framework the, which makes it possible for the JRiver developers to pick up sound data from all applications before they go through Windows own sound system. According to your post, Android does not offer such a possibility, or we have to wait for the little genius capable of making a breakthrough like Gordon Rankin at Wavelength for USB or JRiver with their WDM driver.


The special JRiver driver works because it just hijacks the data, without asking anybody. A development, which supposes that the applications the data are hijacked from do their part, cannot work on a broad scale: such a step would devaluate their own product.


High quality audio will always to be fought for...


So we have to wait for the Android team or some brand specific additions, as you sketch it.

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HiSonus UFO-DSD USB DAC/amp:




Samsung Galaxy S4 >> USB OTG cable >> HiSonus UFO-DSD >> headphones





Samsung Galaxy S4 >> USB OTG-Y cable powered by a 5V power bank >> HiSonus UFO-DSD >> headphones






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