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I just found out that the hi-res audio support on my Android 4.4.2-powered Galaxy Note 3 has been removed. The generic music players can only output 48kHz PCM streams toward hi-res capable USB DAC.


It's not an issue for me personally, because I am used to use UAPP, the best sound quality music player to my ears for the time being .

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So the ATT Galaxy Note 4 is inter-working with my Dragonfly v1.2 without the use of UAPP. The dragonfly is staying lit magenta(24/96), so I'm assuming it's upsampling streaming and music apps such as Google Music, Stock Audio Player, etc. I haven't transferred a lot of music yet, but the dragonfly only changes color(sample rates) when I use it with UAPP. 

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Upcoming Celsus Companion One: "very affordable" DSD / PCM384 USB DAC



"If you want a portable DAC that can do everything, I mean DSD128 native, PCM384, USB cable connection to PC Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices, plus wireless streaming via Airplay and DLNA at 24/192 (fastest wifi streaming on the market), wait for the high-end portable DAC from a new brand that I am launching in late November.

Curved frame machined from a single block of aluminum, gorilla glass top and bottom, exceptional build quality unlike anything on the market.  Price? Very affordable."



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The people at JRiver,  the best known media center under Windows, have managed to write a WDM driver, which redirects the sound from any application to the JRiver program, so all sources on the Windows PC benefit from the sound qualities and the sound revamping capabilities of the program. Data from Spotify for example are played by JRiver. The result is excellent.



If would be fun if the developers of UAPP could take a similar step for Android, redirecting all sound to their app and USB driver. Perhaps this is already in their pipe line?



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Motorola Moto G 4G LTE with Android 4.4.4 + selfmade USB OTG cable + UAPP + iFi nano iDSD = works like charm



My current (ugly) solution without solder, for a short microUSB OTG with USB type B plug:






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