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Originally Posted by brandonnash View Post

Any love (USB audio) for the galaxy nexus? I have seen the s3 getting all the praise but a lot of the s3 providers seem reluctant to put out 4.1. AFAIK only Verizon hasn't stepped up for the nexus/4.1 combo. With millions of users I am surprised this hasn't been talked about more.

Sorry, I am an Android newbie, I switch from iPhones to Galaxy S3. I am wondering what Android 4.0 ICS can’t do compared to Android 4.1 JB.


Personally, I’d rather prefer the Samsung guys improve their Exynos USB firmware and their USB driver so that the Galaxy S3 can work with any available standard USB DAC (via a powered USB hub if need be). It should not be so hard to do.

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If I run a Galaxy S III with custom ROM and kernel, will it support an ODAC/02 combo or even an E7?

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Yes, if the modder/developer doesn’t remove the native USB audio feature.


There is no reason to do that.

I have never heard anyone complain that a custom Galaxy S III stops working with a USB DAC.


However, in the future, I expect Android modders/developers will enhance the USB audio feature like Amarra, Audirvana, … for the Mac OS.







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I tried reading through the whole thread and gave up and I did a search and got didn't get many results.  Sooo...


Is it possible if I am running a rooted JB ROM (latest AOPK) on my AT&T Galaxy S2 (SGH-i777) that I can get digital audio out?  I thought it was standard in Android after ICS, but I want to verify before I sink cash on a USB DAC/ amp.

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There is no Android Jelly Bean-specific USB DAC available to buy for the time being.
An Android 4.1 Jelly Bean device can have:
. a standard USB audio capability (or USB audio host capability), or/and
. an Android-specific USB audio capability (or USB audio accessory capability).
Android-specific USB DAC announced at the launch of Jelly Bean can’t operate with a PC or a Mac.


A prototype of an Android-specific USB DAC / amp, FiiO E18, should be currently shown at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair.



The Android Jelly Bean powered smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note II can work with a standard USB DAC, like the iBasso D12 Hj:



stock Galaxy Note II > digital USB audio out >> iBasso D12 Hj >> Westone UM3X





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Apparently, the upcoming CEntrance HiFi-M8 can interwork with the Samsung Galaxy S III / Galaxy Note II.




Originally Posted by HeadphoneAddict View Post


CanJam 2012 Report:

Another item to keep an eye on is the CEntrance HiFiMate M8

...  And you can still feed it from a Samsung Galaxy or other similar Android device into the USB port that's intended for computers...






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@DanBa given the fact that you have UM3x like me... How is the hiss off the headphone out of the Note 2?

I've been offered a Note 2 in exchange for my iPhone and i might take the plunge this time...

Is the sound of the headphone out with UM3x clean and good enough?

Sorry for the offtopic

You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother
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Sorry, I don't have UM3x.

The "Galaxy Note II + iBasso D12 Hj + UM3x" rig belongs to a Taiwanese guy:


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Does anyone know if the new algorhythm solo -db will work with galaxy note 2?
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@DanBa ups. Ok and thank you anyway wink.gif

You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother
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Originally Posted by DanBa View Post

Portable my ass...
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Originally Posted by BBEG View Post

Portable my ass...

The Marketing Dept doesn't like calling it Transportable apparently.

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It's not that big actually

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@DanBa, I just want to thanks you for all the effort you put in this thread ( and other one ). This thread actually close the deal for me and convinced me to cancel my iPhone 5 order ( I was 4327 on a waiting list ) and ordered my SIII. I cannot wait to try the SIII with the UD100 DAC and my iBasso Pb1 (for now) with DT1350/eQ5.

Thanks. biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by zachchen1996 View Post

It's not that big actually

Doesn't fit nicely in pocket = not portable. That thing is several times the depth of the pictured phone, which itself looks to be in a slim rubber case.

As I'm not an electrician, how viable is a short mini-USB to SPDIF cable? I've mentioned it a few times now and from a layman's perspective I don't see why this can't be done. Then damn the software compatibility, you have a legit optical out solution from an MHL capable port. E17 would read that just fine.
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