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If the hubs are powerd then it's sure work , but the hubs above is unpowerd but also work ? so what's the hub do to make the ud110 work ?

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"The SA9027 [USB receiver of the Stoner Acoustics UD110] is a high performance up to 32bit USB Full-Speed compliant audio steaming."



Theoretically, a USB 2.0 hub has a transaction translator (TT).

The transaction translator should convert the USB 1.1 full-speed traffic only supported by the UD110 to the USB 2.0 high-speed traffic also supported by the Galaxy S4.








USB 2.0 / USB 1.1 Galaxy S4 <=> USB 1.1 full-speed <=> USB 1.1 UD110

USB 2.0 / USB 1.1 Galaxy S4 <=> USB 2.0 high-speed <=> USB hub TT <=> USB 1.1 full-speed <=> USB 1.1 UD110


Apparently, the USB 1.1 full-speed dialog between the S4 and the UD110 has some issue.

Using the USB hub introduces a USB 2.0 high-speed dialog which gets around the issue.

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DanBa, just to exclude all other possible causes - are we sure it's not a power issue here? Remember, I was reporting about an issue with Xperia Sola and RSA Predator, where an introduction of non-powered usb hub solved the compatibility issue just because the hub was reporting to the host as needing 0 mA (no power draw), whereas the Predator was claiming the whole 500mA, merely needing 50?


Just checking...

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Unlike the Xperia Sola, the Galaxy S4 can directly work with the FiiO E17, i.e. 500 mA-required USB DAC.

The FiiO E17 requires 500 mA; and a USB peripheral like a USB DAC may draw a maximum of 5 unit loads (i.e. 500 mA) from a port in USB 2.0.


Configuration Descriptor:

wTotalLength:       0x00EF

bNumInterfaces:       0x03

bConfigurationValue:  0x01

iConfiguration:       0x00

bmAttributes:         0x80 (Bus Powered )

MaxPower:             0xFA (500 mA)


But I am not sure of anything without analysing some dmesg log output and USB descriptors of the Stoner Acoustics UD110.


About dmesg log output:



About USB descriptor view tool:


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Android USB audio & Naim DAC-V1:



Galaxy S3 >> USB OTG cable >> Naim DAC-V1 USB DAC/amp >> headphones (or amp > speakers)




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Awhile ago, you mentioned using a Qi charger.  Have you tried this in tandem with an external DAC and, if so, can you actually charge your S3 while listening to music through the micro-USB port?

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Sorry, I don’t have yet a Qi wireless charging for my new Galaxy Note 3, because the Note 3 S-View wireless charging cover is not yet available in France.

I think wireless charging the smartphone while streaming music through its micro USB port won’t have any problem.


Qi wireless charging car mount:




"CarPad is Qi functional and works well with the Nexus 4. Tested both with TPU case, Diztronic Matte Black Case, Official Bumper, and bare-back. The average charge on an idle phone is around +600mA and with load of Spotify streaming music, Android GPS navigation, BlueTooth connected to head-unit, and screen on at lowest brightness, the charger gets nearly +100-200mA".




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What do you think about pipo m9 + dac port lx + o2 (you can prefer amp) + Anker astro e5 or Tera for sq with iem. smily_headphones1.gif
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So before I purchase a fiio e07k I just want to make sure that my samsung galaxy s3 can host its DAC function

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A list of standard USB DAC reportedly interworking with the Android-powered smartphone Samsung Galaxy S3:



. FiiO E07K Andes (USB DAC/amp): to be confirmed




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Any confirmation if the HTC One mini will work any of the dac/amp? Can't find it on DanBa's latest updated list. Looking to pair with an Apex Glacier
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I just connected samsung galaxy s 3 via usb otg to fiio e07k and it works fine. I reconnected it many times and it works all the time.


My sgs 3 is with siyah kernel, android 4.1.2., I'm from Poland so I quess it's interantional or european version of sgs 3.


I'm not sure if I can hear any SQ improvement with my akg k404.

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Sony Xperia LT26i > USB Audio Recorder PRO player > digital USB audio out >> "USB OTG" cable >> FiiO E07K >>headphones


Very tricky with the fitting of USB plugs.



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Sorry guys, would need help to know if the LG G2 works with digital out via otg, hoping to pair with a Glacier. Am moving from iphone 5 to android, so trying to decide and figure out which phone would work with the Glacier
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Hey guys,

Wondering if some can answer this for me. i've searched but couldn't find the answer.

i have a stock Sprint Galaxy S3. i also have a subscription to google play music all access.

Can i use an external DAC specifically for this app?


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