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thanks , is the function of the usb hub is to convert usb 1.x -> 2.0 so it can be used with the ud100 ? If so then all the usb 2.0 converter will work right ?

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Originally Posted by tinphamhuu0212 View Post

thanks , is the function of the usb hub is to convert usb 1.x -> 2.0 so it can be used with the ud100 ? If so then all the usb 2.0 converter will work right ?


I'm not sure if they "convert" as such, since 2.0 also comes with data transfer improvements, but the thing with hubs is they can use one unpowered USB port on your computer or other device, then if it's hooked up to its own power supply (usually a USB charger) it can output up to the standard 5v through its ports. Search here for the hubs that actually worked, because not all of them are wired as such.


Alternately, there are USB cables that have the USB-B (micro) plug with a pigtail that you can hook up to a USB charger or a mobile power bank. Just make sure it's not the ones intended for older portable HDD's - those have the slave pigtail on the USB-A (host) end, that way it can get power off two USB slots on your computer (laptop usually).

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If the hubs are powerd then it's sure work , but the hubs above is unpowerd but also work ? so what's the hub do to make the ud110 work ?

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"The SA9027 [USB receiver of the Stoner Acoustics UD110] is a high performance up to 32bit USB Full-Speed compliant audio steaming."



Theoretically, a USB 2.0 hub has a transaction translator (TT).

The transaction translator should convert the USB 1.1 full-speed traffic only supported by the UD110 to the USB 2.0 high-speed traffic also supported by the Galaxy S4.








USB 2.0 / USB 1.1 Galaxy S4 <=> USB 1.1 full-speed <=> USB 1.1 UD110

USB 2.0 / USB 1.1 Galaxy S4 <=> USB 2.0 high-speed <=> USB hub TT <=> USB 1.1 full-speed <=> USB 1.1 UD110


Apparently, the USB 1.1 full-speed dialog between the S4 and the UD110 has some issue.

Using the USB hub introduces a USB 2.0 high-speed dialog which gets around the issue.

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DanBa, just to exclude all other possible causes - are we sure it's not a power issue here? Remember, I was reporting about an issue with Xperia Sola and RSA Predator, where an introduction of non-powered usb hub solved the compatibility issue just because the hub was reporting to the host as needing 0 mA (no power draw), whereas the Predator was claiming the whole 500mA, merely needing 50?


Just checking...

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Unlike the Xperia Sola, the Galaxy S4 can directly work with the FiiO E17, i.e. 500 mA-required USB DAC.

The FiiO E17 requires 500 mA; and a USB peripheral like a USB DAC may draw a maximum of 5 unit loads (i.e. 500 mA) from a port in USB 2.0.


Configuration Descriptor:

wTotalLength:       0x00EF

bNumInterfaces:       0x03

bConfigurationValue:  0x01

iConfiguration:       0x00

bmAttributes:         0x80 (Bus Powered )

MaxPower:             0xFA (500 mA)


But I am not sure of anything without analysing some dmesg log output and USB descriptors of the Stoner Acoustics UD110.


About dmesg log output:



About USB descriptor view tool:


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Android USB audio & Naim DAC-V1:



Galaxy S3 >> USB OTG cable >> Naim DAC-V1 USB DAC/amp >> headphones (or amp > speakers)




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Awhile ago, you mentioned using a Qi charger.  Have you tried this in tandem with an external DAC and, if so, can you actually charge your S3 while listening to music through the micro-USB port?

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Sorry, I don’t have yet a Qi wireless charging for my new Galaxy Note 3, because the Note 3 S-View wireless charging cover is not yet available in France.

I think wireless charging the smartphone while streaming music through its micro USB port won’t have any problem.


Qi wireless charging car mount:




"CarPad is Qi functional and works well with the Nexus 4. Tested both with TPU case, Diztronic Matte Black Case, Official Bumper, and bare-back. The average charge on an idle phone is around +600mA and with load of Spotify streaming music, Android GPS navigation, BlueTooth connected to head-unit, and screen on at lowest brightness, the charger gets nearly +100-200mA".




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What do you think about pipo m9 + dac port lx + o2 (you can prefer amp) + Anker astro e5 or Tera for sq with iem. smily_headphones1.gif
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So before I purchase a fiio e07k I just want to make sure that my samsung galaxy s3 can host its DAC function

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Any confirmation if the HTC One mini will work any of the dac/amp? Can't find it on DanBa's latest updated list. Looking to pair with an Apex Glacier
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I just connected samsung galaxy s 3 via usb otg to fiio e07k and it works fine. I reconnected it many times and it works all the time.


My sgs 3 is with siyah kernel, android 4.1.2., I'm from Poland so I quess it's interantional or european version of sgs 3.


I'm not sure if I can hear any SQ improvement with my akg k404.

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Sony Xperia LT26i > USB Audio Recorder PRO player > digital USB audio out >> "USB OTG" cable >> FiiO E07K >>headphones


Very tricky with the fitting of USB plugs.



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