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Originally Posted by satwilson View Post

So Danba do you have ANY direct experience with this issue with my TL? You are the master of quotes......? Please respond. Do you have a TL?

geter done satwilson

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I don’t have a Xperia TL.

I have a Galaxy S3 and an ODAC. It’s a plug and play solution, with or without USB Audio Recorder PRO.

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Originally Posted by thread View Post

Holy Hell Yes

I loaded this rom on my AT&T S4 last night and it is all the rom I could have asked for! It is loaded with all the features, looks great, and drives either a USB DAC or headphones from the usual output port as well!! (jacknorris's patch did get me pretty much to this point before, but the regular headphones port didn't work...)

I've literally been wanting to drive a USB DAC with a portable device for like 5 years+, and now it's here! Thanks for the heads up, CZ Eddie.


Wow!  Loaded up a port of Slim Bean 4.3 build 1 for the Motorola Droid RAZR M, and I'm now listening to a FiiO E17 working directly from from the phone with a USB OTG cable - thanks CZ Eddie for letting us know!

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 Cool! you feel any improvements in sq?  
 by the way do you know if the note 3 will be able to be connected to more usb DACs or amp/DACs then current android devices ?
and i wonder if the note 3 need a external dac ive heard that it would improve some with hq audiophile sound or something.

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Originally Posted by fredrikhasth View Post 
Cool! you feel any improvements in sq?  

Absolutely can tell a difference!  I get a much cleaner sound now and the separation seems improved, and best of all, all of the noise that normally comes through from the phone is history.


The IEMs and cans that I normally use with the phone (Shure SE215 and Grado SR80i) are pretty easy to drive from the phone anyway, but the improved SQ is nice.  Better yet, I can actually do a halfway decent job of driving the q701s and HD650s from the phone now.  Still much much better from the desktop rig obviously, but it could come in handy for travel. 

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Hello !


I can confirm that USB Audio is working flawlessly on a Nexus 4 with USB Audio Recorder Pro and Ziddey USB-OTG kernel !


My settings are the following : Nexus 4 > USB OTG > USB Audio Recorder Pro >> Fiio E07 >> Philips M1



And with the external battery Anker Astro Mini 3000 I have a good audiophile mobile device. :)

Now it would be great to have a kernel or a patch to make it work not only with USB Audio Recorder Pro but with all players.

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hmm i wonder what dac/amp solution i should be looking for i am thinking of buying a note 2 maybe a note 3 dunno yet..  yuin pk 1 earbuds (they need a good amp ive heard) and hifiman re-400 iems.) i really wanna get my kit toghether should i start with buying a amp and then add on a dac later or could maybe some dac/amp solution be found for me? im not sure if fiio e17 is enough of an amp to drive the pk1s. 


(update) ive been thinking of doing this! note2>>dragonfly or >>c&c bh2>>yuin pk1  could this be a killer combo ?


also is dragonfly the best dac out there yet ? for its size or would meridian be better with a note 2?


(update) i am now down to either two devices pico or fiio e17 .. fiio e17 costs 200 dollar in sweden. but im not sure if it is powerfull enough as a amp for future gear.


what is its amp like compared to picos ? and the dac aswell is picos sligthly bette or same same ?

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Simple, low cost, HiFi network music streaming device









SqueezePlayer, a playback music player app running on Android device (Android smartphone, Android tablet or Android mini PC), is able to stream music stored on a (free) Squeezebox Server running on a PC across a home network or across the Internet.






"Android devices are extremely simple, and version 4.1 of Android is able to play audio over USB.  The MK808 is just one of several budget Android devices on the market at the time of this posting, and I chose to use that.



Next, I purchased an ObjectiveDAC (bare board) from JDS Labs, and bought some shielded RCA cables from Monoprice.  I wired the ODAC to output through the RCA cables, and tested it on my computer.  Everything sounded great, so I plugged it into the Android stick.  Upon rebooting, the stick detected my ODAC.  In the settings menu there is an option for sound devices, so I set that to the DAC.  Everything worked perfectly.



I bought a powered USB hub and hooked it up, and plugged both the power and the data cables from the MK808 into it.  The hub is powerful enough to power the Android device, the DAC, a wireless keyboard receiver and an optical mouse.



In order to make the device automatically start up the media player software (so it's headless and doesn't need a screen/keyboard/mouse/etc.) I downloaded an android program called Startup Manager.  I set it to start the SqueezePlayer and Squeezebox Controller apps at boot, and everything works fine. 



Parts list:

MK808 Android 4.1 Rockchip RK3066 - $56.77 (Now down to $39.99!)

Objective DAC from JDS Labs - $102.35 shipped

5v 2A USB Charger - $9.99

3' USB Cable - $0.94 x 2 = $1.88

Mini USB Cables - $0.95 x 2 = $1.90

USB Keystone Jack - $1.96

RCA Cable - $2.28

RCA Keystone Jacks(Red and White) - $0.84 each

Powered USB Hub - $12.99

SqueezePlayer software - $4.99


Total Cost - $195.95"



An alternative to SqueezePlayer: BubbleUPnP, compliant with UPnP / DLNA.

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Whoa, crafty! I would want to try using aMPD because it seems super flexible. You could mount a massive external hard drive or network share to get the music collection.

I've been meaning to try something like this with my Nexus 7, but I'm lazy smily_headphones1.gif
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(NZtechfreak)  have you tried the note 3 with the pico anything more ? do they work well togheter ?

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So I guess the only option for me (with a GS2) is to take the HDMI out of the MicroUSB and convert that to SPDIF, which can be used with most DACs. Bit of a pain, but if I ever need it, it's there.

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Thread Starter 
Originally Posted by fredrikhasth View Post

(NZtechfreak)  have you tried the note 3 with the pico anything more ? do they work well togheter ?


Works perfectly with the Pico, as already mentioned :)
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I just bought a new Apex Glacier and can't connect it to my phone. I bought the hakshop cable (http://hakshop.myshopify.com/products/micro-to-micro-otg) because I read on here that it works. However, when I connect it to my Android Galaxy s3 phone, the phone says "Connect" and then "Disconnected" and then repeats this loop until it crashes. Any advice??



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Try cleaning your phone usb port. http://www.head-fi.org/t/595071/android-phones-and-usb-dacs/2655
If not than maybe your cable is faulty then.
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any news about Galaxy S2 with DAC?

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