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Originally Posted by DanBa View Post

It’s the case so far.

By the way, can the ALO Pan Am work with the Galaxy Note2 using USB Audio Recorder PRO?


Did some further testing and it appears that the Note II does need UARP to work with the Pan Am.


Also, tried out UARP with my Note II hooked up to my Resonessence Concero and it does appear to work.

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is there any android phones out there have native support for USB DAC that don't require USB Audio Recorder Pro? 

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There are phones that have native support, a quick search will answer your question.
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What USB DAC will work w/ the Galaxy S4 w/o USB Audio Recorder Pro?

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Danba has pasted his list every 5 or so pages. The headamp pico dac/amp is one that will. Patiently awaiting mine.
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Yes, the compatibility list is updated every 5 pages (…, page 170, page 175, page 180, page 185 …).


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Originally Posted by satwilson View Post

Jared, could you please provide a link to the cable y
ou purchased? I have Xperia TL, bought an alleged host USB, OTG cable. Could not get it to work with my Audio GD NFB12 in either debugging mode or with USB audio recorder Pro. Figured it is a bogus cable, hopefully not a problem with the Xperia and NFB12 combo. Thanks, satwilson


Its a micro-b to mini otg cable. Am not sure about Xperia TL otg type, but I suppose it may support since it says that it supports xperia T too and to my guessing xperia TL is the LTE version of xperia T.

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I picked up one of these, a little more expensive but it should be worth it.
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Thank you for this!!! First I've seen of it but boy is it disappointing. :-( I guess it's the Xperia for my next toy.

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Xperia s > ifi idac.

its working using usb audio recorderpro. Unfortunately it sucks battery fast. @.@

galaxy s4 isnt working on my ifi idac using stock player.

What phone or tablet can play mp3s or flacs on stock player using ifi idac?

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Just a small update on my situation: bit-perfect playback on android without audiorecorderpro is possible.


I was able to run mpd on debian, running on top of android. So this way my audio stream goes directly to alsa (and my dac), bypassing any interference on android side (upsampling/downsampling and bunch of various effect). And I can simply control it with MPDroid app.


If anyone is interested I can try to explain it, but it requires root and a bit of luck ;)

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Yes please explain
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OK, I'll start from theory - on of android sound problems is its own sound layer. So every sound you play goes like this: music player --> android layer --> alsa --> dac --> speaker. Android layer can't pass stream higher than 48/16, so it will downsample anything above (and usually upsample 44.1/16 music as well). After that alsa is coming into play, but default alsa configuration on android includes upsampling as well. So even if your dac is working on android it doesn't mean that it will play your files as expected and unaltered. So there are two ways to bypass it - by using an app with custom usb drivers to send audio to dac bypassing everything in the way (usb audio recorder pro) or accessing alsa directly, but it requires root and proper app (none exists so far. Maybe I will convince developer of aMPD to include alsa output with root, but he's on vacation right now, so eta is unknown). 


I really like the technical implementation of audiorecorder, but the main downside for me is that it stops playback as soon as screen goes off making it unusable for me.


Since I'm a no developer by any means custom drivers/apps is far beyond my skills. So the only viable solution I found for myself is to run linux alongside android, and play music from it (to bypass android layer and communicate the alsa directly, disabling any resampling and other stuff). But switching to linux each time I want to change track or play/pause is stupid. The way to solve it - use mpd server on linux and mpd client (MPDroid is the best) on android to do all this stuff.


Running linux is not that hard (but with some limitations - you need root at least, and for some situation - kernel support). My first attempt using Linux Installer and ubuntu image wasn't successful, since alsa wasn't working properly there (didn't see any soundcards). 


After some research I found Linux Deploy, which is freaking awesome. Using it I've installed debian (I wasn't using any preconfigured images), so it was configured specifically for my phone. I didn't install any GUI to keep it as lightweight as possible. After installation was done (on One X it took very long time, approx. 4 hours or so, but developer says that it should take around 30 min. Don't know why and honestly don't care why it took so long for me). Alsa was working out of the box, but I've installed alsa-ustils to check some things (how to use it - read my guide, posted few pages back). After that installing and configuring mpd to run on localhost was easy (search google for some guides about mpd configuration. It is possible to do it without GUI, using sudo -e). So now linux playing my music for me, and all controls are done from android.


The only downside I've found so far - when the screen goes off the usb dac unmounts automatically since phone goes to deep sleep (mpdroid has no wakelock), so I have to manually enable simple wakelock to keep cpu running while screen is off.


If someone will have questions about any steps - I will be happy to help, but I think writing step by step guide this time will be useless.

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Originally Posted by baydude View Post

What USB DAC will work w/ the Galaxy S4 w/o USB Audio Recorder Pro?

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Originally Posted by jasonb View Post


Any dac only since I already have a c5 amp?
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