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Originally Posted by DanBa View Post

The combo "Odac + Neco V3" is very well-praised:
















"ODAC + NECO V.3 + Sennheiser HD580 = A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN.

I can't tell you how beautiful this rig sounds.  We all know how well the HD580/600 scales with better sources and amps.. but synergy is often undervalued.  The ODAC is beautifully resolving and clean.. but the Neco really steals the show, IMO.

...  A DEAD silent background, fantastic dynamic range.. and the artful Sennheiser sound.. on steroids!  Treble has spectacular air, crispness, and detail.. the mids are very very transparent and deep.. with the bass coming tight and punchy.  One thing I've really noticed the Senn benefits from is the V.3's dual opamp setup.. which provide fantastic channel separation, imaging, and soundstage.  It's so immersive.. I can listen to this setup for hours on end.  I like this little combo more than my desktop rig (via the tube or SS output!) and the ODAC+O2 (which is a little too clinical).  For those one the fence about this amp.. stop waffling.. it's a GEM.

... When driving the HE-500.. I like this combo more than the O2."



The Odac USB DAC can interwork with an Android powered smartphone Samsung Galaxy S III as well as with a PC or a Mac.







Neco V3 amp :


Have you tried O2 Amp? How does that compare to Neco V3?

I'm asking because I'm thinking about just getting the ODAC+O2 combo.

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You should ask the following guys on the Neco thread:



Originally Posted by amcananey View Post

Heh, heh. I know what FlySweep is going to write...atsmile.gif


imackler, I've expressed my opinion to you privately, but for the benefit of others...


Let me start by saying that I like the O2 very much. I think its a great amp, very neutral, plenty of power, decent build quality, good price. But in comparison to Neco's amps:


Problems with the O2

1. Sound quality lags behind the Neco, which is just phenomenal in terms of sound quality. My old Neco portable (the pre-cursor to the current 18V v3 amp) is what led me to sell my Burson HA-160D. I'm not kidding. In particular, bass on the Neco is superior to the O2. (Not that I generally found bass on the O2 lacking, but it is definitely noticeable compared to the Neco.)

2. Battery life is pretty poor in practice, which I think is partially related to the next item.

3. No automatic switch to turn off recharging when battery is full.

4. Not exactly small.

5. PSU is OK, but because the O2 can't be charged over USB, it's still an annoyance when traveling.

6. Build quality is good, but not up to Neco's bomb-proof standards.


The new V3 Neco gives me all of the following advantages:


1. Great, great sound. In particular, you need to hear a Neco pair up with a pair of HiFiMAN HE-500s. It's like they were made for eachother. The Neco is phenomenal with other cans, too, but it's mind-blowing with the HE-500s.

2. Smaller size than the O2

3. Available bass boost if desired

4. Much, much longer battery life (with lithium ion battery option)

5. USB recharging (if desired)

6. Automatic recharging stop when battery is full (with lithium ion battery option)

7. Neco build quality


The O2 is a great amp, but the Neco just offers a ton in terms of sound quality, features and build quality. For anyone who is curious, Neco only sells his amps on eBay under his seller name "Neco Soundlab" or "Neco_soundlab", I forget which. He is a true undiscovered genius. Everyone I've recommended his amps to has subsequently written to me and raves about them. I have one of his BOSFET amps as well, which I use with my HiFiMAN HE-6s, among others.






Originally Posted by FlySweep View Post


ODAC + NECO V.3 + Sennheiser HD580 = A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN.


...  I like this little combo more than my desktop rig (via the tube or SS output!) and the ODAC+O2 (which is a little too clinical).  For those one the fence about this amp.. stop waffling.. it's a GEM.


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Thanks Danba. I'm really liking your useful android + external devices posts on this thread and the other 'droid forum.


Just wanted to add that nnotis has successfully used the Pico with his AT&T S3:



He's also had success using the ibasso D12 with the S3 (also mentioned in the above post and elsewhere in the thread). I think as it stands, those 2 are probably the best portable DAC/Amps confirmed to work with the S3 (please correct me if I'm wrong and there's a better portable option).

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Originally Posted by analogue 3 View Post

Just wanted to add that nnotis has successfully used the Pico with his AT&T S3:




I mentioned the same link in the following list of USB DAC reportedly interworking with the S3:


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I can confirm that my 4 year old go vibe petite is working with the s3.
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A list of standard USB DAC reportedly interworking with the Android-powered smartphone Samsung Galaxy S III for the time being:


Samsung Galaxy S III > digital audio stream >> USB OTG cable with USB Micro-A plug inserted in the S III >> standard USB DAC >> amp >> headphones


. AMB Labs Gamma2:




. C-Media chipset-based sound card Dynamode 7 channel USB 2.0 (USB DAC/amp):




. Corsair HS1 Gaming headset (USB DAC/amp/headphones):




. FiiO E7 (USB DAC/amp):




. GoVibe Mini USB DAC:




. GoVibe Petite (USB DAC/amp):




. HRT Music Streamer II:




. HeadAmp Pico (USB DAC/amp):




. HeadRoom Total BitHead (USB DAC/amp):




. HiFiMan Express HM-101:




. iBasso D-Zero (USB DAC/amp):




. iBasso D2 Boa (USB DAC/amp):




. iBasso D5 (USB DAC/amp):




. iBasso D12 (USB DAC/amp):




. Microsoft Philips Digital Sound System 80 (USB DAC/amp/speakers):




. Objective DAC (ODAC):






. ODAC+O2 (USB DAC/amp):






. RSA Predator (USB DAC/amp):




. Topping D1 Mark 2 (USB DAC/amp):




. Topping TP30 (USB DAC/amp):



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Thanks DanBa for keep that list up to date, a great resource.

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The link regarding the Fiio E17 states that the E17 specifically did not work the GS3, but the that the E7 did.

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Originally Posted by headfinoob View Post

The link regarding the Fiio E17 states that the E17 specifically did not work the GS3, but the that the E7 did.


Yes, that's right with respect to the S3.


Neither work with the Nexus 7 in Jelly Bean.

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When I connect my DACport via the USB OTG cable to the S3, there seems to be some sort of handshake going on since the power light on the back of the DACport lights up - but there's still no audio output.  It's just strange and utterly frustrating.

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Do you connect the DACport to the S3 via a self-powered USB hub?


"Yes, just plug it into a powered USB-hub and it will work. I do this with the DACPort." (iPad + CCK + powered USB hub + DACport)



"On a technical note, I’ve purchased this power adapter from Eneloop, which is a Sanyo company. This little white box is basically a Li-ion battery with a USB output. It’s a great complement to our DACport, and allows to play music from iPad through DACport on the go, powering both in the process. What a great idea for only $50."





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I connected it with the USB OTB cable and no extra self-powered USB hub - the same way I got my Go Vibe Petite to work.


A member tried it here - another futile endeavor unfortunately:



But because I got the power light in the back of the DACport to turn on without any external power source, I'm kind of skeptical now that the issue has anything to do with the provided power.

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USB configuration descriptor of a C-Media chipset-based sound card Dynamode 7 channel USB 2.0 that interworks with Samsung Galaxy S III:

Number of interfaces: 4

Configuration value: 0x1

Attributes: Remote wakeup, Bus powered

Max power: 100 mA


USB configuration descriptor of a FiiO E17 that doesn’t interwork with Samsung Galaxy S III:

Number of interfaces: 3

Configuration value: 0x1

Attributes: Bus powered

Max power: 500 mA


(the USB specification requires that PCs provide power to peripherals (0.5A at ~5V))


On-The-Go and Embedded Host Supplement to the USB Revision 2.0 Specification

4.2 A-device VBUS characteristics

4.2.1 VBUS Output Voltage and Current


The rated output current of an A-device [i.e. USB host or Samsung Galaxy S III] shall be within IA_VBUS_OUT, and greater than the bMaxPower of any peripheral on its TPL."


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USB audio is working using a custom kernel on the NEXUS 7, I've only tired with an Advantage Micro 2 and it only works when you boot the device with it connected but that should be fixed soon so that it switches over automatically.  If anyone wants to try it out here is the link http://androtransfer.com/poitee/Grouper/Kernel/poitee-grouper-v3.zip  The guy who did it goes by Poitee on rootzwiki.com, send some donations his way if this helps you out!

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