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Interesting stuff! I´m glad I found this thread - a week ago I had no idea about USB OTG. It´s odd how few people know about it - personally I think it´s a defining feature for audiophiles. I was planning to go iPhone at some point, but not anymore :)

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Originally Posted by caracara08 View Post


I hope thats not all you have to say about it after getting it for 1/2 off and agreeing to discuss it here?

Ive created a brief thread for the PCstep, so this thread doesn't get derailed.



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Just want to mention my stock UK HTC One X works fine with my NU Force UDac  1, I just plugged a 99p otg  usb cable into my phone, pluged other end to UDAc which feeds my NAD amp via phone leads, went in to my music on the phone and hit play..music blasted out of my amp, geat sucess!...sounds great too, saves having to turn my laptop on now.


Also tried my Sony Xperia S tablet, the newest one, using the propitiatory sony otg cable, again with my udac, however this only works using the USB recorder pro app, which is a bit naff for browsing your songs.

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Originally Posted by vrln View Post

From what I´ve read HTC hasn´t been supporting USB on the go (OTG) mode unfortunately. At least on the previous flagship phones. Hopefully HTC One will support it - I really like the design and would be interested in getting one, but without OTG support it´s simply not an option.

Strange as my HTC one X seems to support it...

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My bad... I did google USB otg regarding some high end HTC models and didn´t seem to find much. Anyone know if the new HTC One supports it?

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Originally Posted by vrln View Post

My bad... I did google USB otg regarding some high end HTC models and didn´t seem to find much. Anyone know if the new HTC One supports it?


I don't think anyone knows this yet. I should get mine shipped to me from the first stock Mobicity receives, will test immediately :)


I expect it will work, since the JB-toting HTCs do support USB audio.

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Originally Posted by Theogenes View Post


Haven't heard the D12, but I have a D6 and find the sound to be very engaging, powerful, and pleasant-- and noticeably warm. Mine had a tendency to pick up interference from my phone though, so that's something to watch for. 


Honestly, there seem to be two general camps for metal fans and gear: those who prefer a bit warmer, more forgiving sound to gloss over the atrocious SQ of a lot of the albums out there and make them as listenable as possible (Transylvanian Hunger just doesn't seem like it would respond well to hyperenergetic, tizzy treble), and those who prefer a cleaner, more analytical sound in order to hear as much in the recordings as possible (Devin Townsend's Alien is a great example IMO). I thought I was in the former crowd, but it seems like I'm actually more a fan of the latter signature. I say all that to say that if you're a fan of especially transparent, warts-and-all presentations, you probably won't like the iBassos (based on the D6 and D-Zero I've heard, anyway). 


Don't know if this helps, but hopefully it'll at least give you some idea. Might want to check out the Leckerton UHA.6S Mk.II also (based solely on secondhand info, I haven't heard one yet). 


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It's a shame about the HTC One. No removable battery and no SD card slot. But in every other respect I think it looks amazing. Soon a phone will come out with excellent build quality (metal body) and those other features I hope. There just doesn't seem to be anything right now that fills that criteria.


I am dying to get a phone that I can use my portable DAC with and my Galaxy S2 is just not cutting the mustard with call quality either. The S4 looks OK, but I was hoping for an aluminium body and after my experiences with the S2's call quality.... I am a bit put off.


Perhaps I am just picky.

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The one has excellent call quality, there's two mics that filter out any background noise and distortion.

As for storage it accepts flash cards though usb, or there's cloud storage.

Battery seems seems decent enough, you can of course buy packs should you need more.

The phone is such a joy joy to use, it's so slim..
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its a pity that  the one have to sacrifice a usb slot to plug memory extension

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Not necessarily, there are wireless flash drives as well.

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Does anyone know if you can mod the hifimediy sabre dac to work without usb audio recorder pro? It uses the same dac as the stoner acoustics ud100 and im pretty sure the same usb receiver. Stoner Acoustics stopped making them to introduce a new product.
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Just tried the Mytek dac with my T-Mobile S3 and it works with usbaudiorecorderpro, but not with neutron or power amp....




sounded great, btw.

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