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For Sale: AKG K340

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For Sale:
AKG K340

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale here is a nicely kept set of AKG K340 electrostat headphones for $SOLD obo, I'm flexible on the price so don't hesitate to make me an offer.  I'm quite sad to see these go as they has been my favorite headphones for some time now, but I'd like a set of IEMs and something has to give.  Anyway, this set has been rewired (dual entry) with 1920's vintage Western Electric wire that has seven strands of tinned copper wire in each.  It is very expensive wire and very hard to find, but I have no use for it save for on these headphones.  The wire is terminated in Audio Note silver banana plugs to connect to your amplifier.  For the past few years I have been using these with my custom Eico HF-30 monoblocks and Western Electric 124b's.  The sound is amazing, I had previously run these out of a fully loaded Woo Audio 5 and using a speaker amplifier caused me to sell the Woo.  There just wasn't a comparison.  These have also had the crossover modification completed for optimal sound.  Included in the sale are the velour pads (currently on the phones) and the original pads that I re-stuffed to make a bit stiffer.  The plastic screen has also been replaced with a proper cloth audio screen.  I do not have the original plastic screens.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.  I will accept paypal and have no problem shipping overseas.  

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200 USD shipped and paypaled in USA will be my best offer.


I have one parir of original, and wan to take a try of yours modified.


Thanks for consideration of my offer.

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