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Hi guys, this is my first time on this forum and I've got a question. Actually a dilemma which headphones to buy.


I'm from Croatia and there's limited to no selection of good headphones here (Grado's, Senn's and some AKG's being an exception) so I will probably purchase from eBay. 


So, I'm new to the whole Hi-Fi world and the best Headphones, actually a Headset, I've owned is Creative Labs Sound Blaster Tactic3D Alpha. I didn't really hear some good Headphones because most of my friends buy Headsets that they use for gaming. Lately I've really started listening to music like all the time, before it was mostly gaming. The only reference point I've got is the Grado's SR60i which my mate has. They're really good for rock/metal etc. but they kinda lack bass and are really uncomfortable for long usage. 


Basically I need some portable's which I will mostly be using at home, with the exception of some outdoors listening to music whilst walking my dog :)

My choice in Croatia is really limited, but here are some cans I could get: Sennheiser 428, 438, 448, Grado's and AKG K450 & Q460. The rest of them are reaaaaally overpriced. 


So I have been reading a lot of reviews etc. and I have narrowed my choice to: AKG K450 (Q460), Creative Aurvana Live and Sennheiser HD438. Of course, these are the one's available where I live, but again, they're really pricey so I prefer eBay.


What I'm looking for are headphones with good bass and decent sound quality overall. I would like some sound isolation because the sound leakage bothers me a lot. I listen mostly to hip hop, electric (inc. dubstep, dnb etc.) and rock music. I don't really need a stunning quality because, like I said, this is my first step into somewhat of a Hi-Fi world. I would be plugging these cans into my android phone, laptop and pc (will get a sound card or a DAC later on) but my main use is definitely android and mp3 player.


I hope you can help me with my choice!