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Sony MDR-CD950

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 Sony MDR-CD950 rox! biggrin.gif

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Yup, I do enjoy the pair that I own on a regular basis. They don't have much bass punch, level of detail, or a large sound stage compared to current headphone offerings but still a fun set of vintage cans for what it is.

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 I'm not too familiar with all the new phones, but I never found the soundstage or the detail level lacking. I actually thought that's what they excel at, besides  giving that interesting coloration to the music. Bass is light, yes, and it could be sibilant at times, other than that - pretty solid performance.

 But if you're right, man i gotta try that headphones you were referring to. :P

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I'm glad that you're happy OP, but could you at least come back to this thread when you've spent some time with your brand new shiny headphones and give them a real review?


Please do the community that favor if you're going to post a three-word sentence and an emoticon.



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