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For Sale: FS: iBasso D3 Python

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For Sale:
FS: iBasso D3 Python

Will Ship To: Continental US

I have loved my D3 Python. I've taken very good care of it over the past few years, as I do all of my equipment. Everything is in pretty great cosmetic condition. The pictures actually make more dust/ scratches show up than I can see with my naked eye. 


Here's the big caveat about this D3: it stopped working recently. Allow me to clarify. It will accept and amplify an analog input. My computer (Mac 10.7) will recognize that it's plugged in. However, it won't output sound when playing via USB. I can't figure it out, but I contacted iBasso. They said that, despite it being out of warranty, if I send it in they'll fix it at cost. Anyone that knows about basic circuitry knows that it's probably a very inexpensive fix. Caps, pots, resistors etc. are very cheap on their own.


So, buy it at a bargain price, have iBasso fix it for you and you have a great amp/DAC at a great price! I'm selling it simply because I don't really use it anymore and I thought instead of going through the process for something I don't use, I'd pass some potential savings along to someone. It was originally $219 + shipping, I'm selling it for $95 (OBO) plus $10 shipping to continental US.


Comes with everything shown in its original box. Thanks for looking!

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Price reduced

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Hi! Can you ship to Sweden?
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Sure, I could do that. I'll have to find out exactly how much it would be for shipping, insurance and tracking and I'll get back to you. 

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hi, are you still selling this?

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This thread is back from the dead... I sure am!

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