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For Sale: Sennheiser HD650

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For Sale:
Sennheiser HD650

Will Ship To: US50

I absolutely love these headphones, but I never use them anymore. I bought them August of last year and they are in absolutely perfect condition, not a single ding or scratch on them. They've spent their entire life inside my bedroom. I'm sure I won't have to describe the sound of the HD650, as they are a very well known and fairly widely available headphone but I will say that the hype is real. I haven't heard every high end headphone so I won't make any sweeping generalizations, all I will say is I love the sound. They are a bit soft on the high end, which I prefer, but if you're someone who needs extremely forward and sparkly treble you will not be satisfied. That gentle top end means you can listen to fairly low quality MP3s and still be happy, they refuse to ever sound harsh which is very nice.


I never spend much time sitting in front of my desk anymore and an open headphone is useless to me when I'm on the go (my ATH-M50s are perfect for that) so I'm going to let these go. Price includes the huge box Sennheiser includes with these (I'm sure they'll try to convince you it's a carrying case but it's more like a briefcase).

Buyer pays shipping and can choose any carrier and shipping speed they like.

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You're listing the HD650 with their new price. You should consider lowering it. People can get it easily for new $400 shipped.

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I got them for $500 and I thought they were still that much new (


I looked around at a few sites and it still looks like they're listing for $500?

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Check out the bay, google check out, etc. A lot of store are listing it for $400.


Here is a local store in the Netherlands listing it for 288 euro ($382):

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Price dropped to $350...I guess that's still better than having them and not using them, but that's as low as I am willing to go.

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Im willing to buy... but maybe for a cheaper price.

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