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Sansa Clip Zip - Custom Rockbox Themes

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I've just uploaded a couple of themes for the Sansa Clip Zip, which can be downloaded from the Rockbox site, if anyone is interested ...


Zyp Theme




Blu Theme



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... and another ...


Stg Theme




... and yet another ...


Neu Theme




... and finally ...


 Pro Theme




Grn Theme





Fsc Theme



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Nice work TCD1975 dt880smile.png

Thank you!!!

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And apparently you just convinced me to look at the Zip now rather than buying a Clip+ again. 

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It might not be worth it now. For some reason all of the Sansa Clip Zip themes have been removed from the Rockbox website (not just mine - all of them).


I've made another new theme but there are problems with the upload facility on Rockbox as well so I can't share it yet ...


Neu Theme


If Rockbox sort out the issues with their upload facility I'll upload it (along with my first three themes) and post new links here.


Oh, and just a small warning ... although I'm happy with my new Clip Zip with Rockbox, album art support is a bit dodgy. I'm having to go through all of my albums to reformat the album art in a way that the Clip Zip/Rockbox likes... which is very time consuming! And the Clip Zip screen isn't all that great - it doesn't have much contrast, so the themes don't look as good as they do when viewed on a PC screen.

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Oh, interestingly enough the links I posted at the beginning of this thread are still working ... but the pages say "Doesn't work with current build".


The themes were working perfectly well when they were uploaded but Rockbox have released a new patch in the past few days and it screw up quite a few of the Clip Zip themes ... hence this page is now comletely empty ... http://themes.rockbox.org/index.php?target=sansaclipzip


I hope the sort it out soon!

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Well, just the new color screen and, from what I can tell from my brief read around, a better DAC component in the Clip Zip, I think it is worth it to get the Zip over Clip+. Rockbox and the customizations are just cherry on top.

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Bump for two new themes ... Neu and Pro ... enjoy!

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Very nice.  Would you be able to help me make a theme. :-P haha.  I'm confused looking at these config files, but I have some themes I'm going to put to paper soon...

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Well, i did a bunch of research and theme file comparisons and came up with two themes of my own! :-)




I'd love some feedback from any fuze v2 users...

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Sorry to resurect this old thread.  I just got a clip zip and put Rockbox on.  Everything installed fine, I installed the ZYP theme.  The now playing screen looks correct but the main rockbox screen looks the same as when I installed it.  I want it to look black and yellow like the screen shot in the posts here.  Anyone have any idea what is going on or why it doesn't look like that?  





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