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How is Monster iSport?

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Is it any good music wise and build quality? I havent seen its own topic here, so just wondering if its worth it. THANKS!

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Bumping a post from 2 weeks ago. Why no love for this esp for the sporty sexy beasts here?

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I just got a pair of these to use in the gym.


It's hard to comment on them for anything other than gym use though.  Compared to my everyday headphones (SM3 and SE535) they aren't in the same league, and I'm not in a position to recommend them for everyday phones (I've only listened to them in the gym).


I bought them as I needed something that can deal with water in the gym (I'm horribly sweaty in there) as every other 'sport headphone I've used has randomly cut out on me and doesn't stay in my ear.


So I got a pair of the iSport last week and they are perfect for what I wanted them for.  Lightweight but not flimsy.  Decent bass without being overpowering.  Plenty of tips (non foam which is much better for the gym), and they stay in place well due to the plastic in ear clip things.  No idea how they sound for most types of music, but for what I listen to in the gym (usually some type of dance or hip-hop with decent bass throughout) they do a job very well.  I'd recommend them.

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But are they comfortable enough? I have a pair of miles davis tributes and the only earbud that fits me is the smallest regular single flange. I just ordered a pair of monster sports on amazon and am really worried about the fit. I've read all the reviews and fit really depends on the person and it's a good 50/50 split at best with some proclaiming it as the best they've ever tried on and the rest complaining that it's unusable. I just need these things for running and going to the gym and could not find anything else as convincing to buy. 

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i have tried once, no deep impression~ 

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I bought a pair of Monster iSport last week.

This is not my first IEM. I already had Etymotic ER-6 (hate them !, They were too big for my ears. They never fitted, and they stopped working completely for no reason !), and JVC HA-FXC50 (love them).

Unfortunately my FXC50 got quite used, I have them for three years and they don't sound good any more. I love the wing which fit the device in the ear very nicely. They were very confortable, and I can put them in my ear in one second. They also provide rather good isolation.


The iSport has another shape. They are not as easy to put on (it takes me 10 seconds to wear them).

They don't provide as much isolation. (slightly less)


ljokerl rated the HA-FXC50 in

as Confort: 3 / 5 and Isolation: 3.5 / 5 (it seems I would have rated them Confort: 4.5 / 5, but I'll stick to ljokerl rating for comparaison)


Using the same scale I would rate the iSport as Confort: 2 / 5 and Isolation 3 / 5.


They came with 5 ear clips and 5 ear tips (XS, S, N, L, XL). I choose the S ear tips and the N ear tips. They fit pretty well, but my left ear hurts after 1 hour. Maybe I will get used to it. My right ear doesn't have any problem (rate confort: 2.5)


Now for the sound. I cannot compare to my JVC FXC50, because they no longer sound good, but I am very, VERY, satisfied with the sound of the iSport. See the attached screenshot of Foobar equalizer. The correction is so light that I am very pleased to the sound without correction (in my mp3 player, while running, or working).




The frequency response is pretty flat, including the low end. They also go lower (20 Hz). The bass are really awesome, medium is good also, and the treble are pleasantly clear without being harsh.

So I am very pleased by my purchase. I will also receive a pair of JVC HA-FXC80 in one week. I will update my post some time after.

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how's the fitting? i heard it's pretty bad to fit nicely inside your ear, considering to get one mainly for gym and outdoor purpose

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Once you find the right size, the fitting is easy, but it requires some moves to get a perfect fit. It takes me about 10 seconds by ear.

It is secure, pulling (gently) the cable won't make the ear plug to pop out of the seal. But again, you'll have to get used to put it correctly. (relax your jaw by opening your mouth, then slide your ear to insert the IEM).

My previous HA-FXC50 were a lot more easier to fit, but they were also slight less secure. Anyway, with the iSport, you won't be able to wear them/remove them everytime someone talk to you. Fortunately, at the office, it is possible to not attach the ear tips, so the fitting is faster (but the fitting is not secure at all, of course).

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I guess I'm digging up an old thread here, but I scored a pair of these for $69 on ebay from Monster's ebay store.  They were marketed as refurbished, but I couldn't tell the difference when they arrived in full retail packaging with all accessories.  Initially, I thought now way would I pay the $100+ for these when I was looking for a pair of IEMs for running and working out.  I took them on an 8 mile run this morning with the smaller ear wing thingys and some of the black plastic tips that came with them that seemed to fit the best in my ears.  Well, they were ok, couldn't get a real good seal, but they weren't really falling out either.  Best thing was when I got home, I ran them under some hot water from the sink and let them air dry.  Now that is nice.


When I got to work, I had some extra flange tips from the Meelectronics M6s I bought for running / working out.  These stock flange tips all really sucked on the M6 and the best tip I found for the M6 were some Comply, but the foam tips don't like repeated exposure to sweat and abuse of running in 100 degree heat.  The flange tips on the M6 had a lot of sibilance, or hissing, which after some research seemed like somewhat of a common problem with them.


Anyway, I took a pair of the M6 flange tips and they are a direct fit onto the isports.  Went down over lunch to work out.  I didn't work up the same amount of sweat as running, but still got it going pretty well.  Happy to say that they stayed glued right where I had them.  A lot better seal too and they really opened up after that.  As a previous poster stated, the sound is pretty darn good.  Strong bass, good mids and extended highs, all while holding up to the abuse of sweat and running / working out.  Not sure if you can find them for that price anymore, but I would definitely pay at a minimum $100 for them if I had to replace.  I also listened to them while at my desk and my W3s were sitting there looking lonely.  I think for the best-sounding, best holding up to sweat / water, easy clean-up, non-tangle cord, etc., these can't be beat.  Good enough to serve as an everyday IEM IMO, but just happen to be workout specific as well.  Never thought I'd say it, but Monster got this right and now that the price is coming off the ledge, it makes a lot of sense to purchase if you work out a lot.  Hope this helps.

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I bought a set of these yesterday for working out mainly. I'm hoping these will be good enough as a general purpose IEM so I don't need to keep switching earphones (also owned ADDIEM and Monster Turbine).


I need to burn these in more, but here's the initial impression...


Bass: Good feel for bass; A tad boomy; Can get a slight rumble on lower notes; Not as much bass extension as ADDIEM/Turbines


Mids: Okay


Highs: Somewhat unnatural sounding; hollow sounding on some vocals; def slightly harsh/sibilance


Fit: Is good; pretty secure, don't think these will fall out when working out; Flexible nozzle is cool to help angle the fit in your ear


Comfort: Is ok, I think the XS ear clips make my ears somewhat sore. I think if i'm wearing it for a long time for non-workout purposes, I might just unsnap those clips and the fit is fine - similar to the Turbines.


Sooo.... as you can tell, off the bat not so good. I prefer the sound of the orig Turbines over these at this time, but like I said - NEEDS MORE BURN IN. However, strictly for the purposes of headphones for working out, i'd recommend these. General purpose use? TBD. I'll report back again later.

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Just got these a few days ago, definitely like them... But I washed them (in the sink) like Monster said you could and a few hours later the left side is still muffled... I'm hoping it's not broken, because I didn't soak them in water or anything. They even advertise machine washing them so that shouldn't be a problem regardless... But I don't know, it kinda just sounds like there's some water left inside the earphone, making it muffled, hopefully not damaged, since the right side works fine. Otherwise they're being sent back to Amazon/Monster for a replacement

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Hey there

ihave the isport immersion they are readlly great headphones! the sound is great for me i'm not a pro musican so I cane copare with better stuff

but the it's better from any other normal headphone I head!

it's feets great never got out of my ears ones!

i'm playing with it basketball running.

what also great about theos is u can change the size for everything! which is really great!

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So I go through in ears like crazy!!! My favorite for the price have been the klipsch s4 but they never last long enough for me. These isport have been in my babies mouth at least twice....yes gross I know..... my pug capone chewed them up once as well still work good as new!!!!! Sound is decent not worth over 40 though better off looking for some klipsch a5i if you have the budget but I reccomend these for those who need atleast decent sound from your music and don't want to be replacing your buds every few weeks.
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I have the Monster iSport, which I both for treadmill use, and I actually don't like them a bit. Compared to my UE 700, Phiaton PS 20 and even my Sony MDR-ED12LP their sound is really sharp and have no bass. Even worse after awhile the plastic pieces that are supposed to keep them in the ear start to get soft and they keep falling. I still don't know which phone to buy to replace them.

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Hi, I've had the Strive model for 3 months, at first they were difficult to put on and a little unconffortable but after a few days I got used to it. Now I have a problem in the right headphone. Its sound is much lower than the left side, I don't remember getting them wet more than by sweating. Does anyone else have this problem? My warranty just expired but I don't want to rush into buying another pair (some other brand).

Anyway if you could recomend something else I can use conffortably with a motorcycle helmet it would be great. I'm thinking in Sony because I have an Xperia phone and it has some advantages, i worry a bit about sound quality.

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