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For Sale: LCD2.2 sold

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For Sale:
LCD2.2 sold

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have a nice pair of Audeze LCD-2 i've been using for the past few weeks.  I really like them, but I find myself listening to my speakers more often then these guys.  Normal wear and tear on the LCD2.2 and questions please PM or ask below.  


The package includes 


1.  LCD2.2 with Leatherhead band

2.  Original LCD-2 Cable


Your choice between the woodcase or the travel case.  Or for 50 bucks extra you can have both!  I pay shipping and paypal.  800 for lcd2.2 shipped to you, add 50 for extra case. US ONLY PLEASE.  I've had a bad experience with shipping to canada, so I prefer not to have to deal with that again. Thank you.  


I have the silver dragon cable 4pin neutrik connector and 1/4 adapter available for 150 paypal'd and shipped.  

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is this REV 1 or 2


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its rev 2


serial number in the photo up top 5313135

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