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Headphones + dac/amp help please

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I'm going to buy new pair of phones and some dac/amp for those.


My friend recommended some Sennheiser cans and Matrix mini-i dac.


Personally I've been interested in AKG:s cans and maybe tube amp.


Budget is about $700.


Those brands are just recommendations for me. So brand or look doesn't matter at all.


I personally like little bit bass and midrange sounds. And maybe more analogic sound. Just heard that AKG:s cans aren't really punchy at low levels or midrange, correct if I'm wrong.


Thanks for advices!!

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 Yep the AKG house sound is generally quite balanced and does not emphasize the bassy area of the spectrum,

 impact is generally good but there's no excessive extension and sub bass is not really their strong point.


 Highs are generally clean, clarity is also well above average, not to mention that sound stage is very much

 a strong suit of the K601/701/702 and Q701.


 They do need a good headphone amp though - Burson, Violectric, Audio-gd are some that I can personally

 vouch for - Matrix M-Stage is a little over rated in my opinion since it is fundamentally a cheaper clone of

 the Lehmann Black Cube - which is hardly a ballsy, powerful amp in the first place.

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Okay thanks!


I just thought that do i need headphone amp at all? Ill listen music from computer mostly. Or should i just get good pair of cans and thats it. Is there so much difference with amp or dac?

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I will recommmend the quality DAC/AMPs like D100 because it's made hage difference in soundquality (even through USB) compared to stock computer headphone jack and headphones like Sony SA5000(highly detailed in mids, highs and bass is deep n punchy with wide soundstage, it's need good AMPs and D100 AMPs section is very good to power it), Grado SR325i, HD600 are recommended and these headphones offers rich detailed midrange and good punchy bass.
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Q701 with a Schiit Valhalla or Little Dot MK III (or IV) sounds like something that might be in your future.


Just make sure you get your Q701 from somewhere that you can return them, so if you don't like their bass, you can try a different one. Alternatives: DT880, HD600, HD650, FA-002, HE-400.


Very best,

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+1 on the 701 little dot combo

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Yea. Thanks for advice. Akg has been on my mind, so maeby i just try them out with some of those amps. Isnt K701 almost the same with Q701?

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Originally Posted by kypdurron View Post

Yea. Thanks for advice. Akg has been on my mind, so maeby i just try them out with some of those amps. Isnt K701 almost the same with Q701?

 Detachable headphone cable, 3 color choices on the Q701 and it's usually found cheaper than the K701.


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The Q701 is a little fuller sounding than the K701. The difference isnt jarring, but they are better, IMHO. The K701 was very analytical. The Q701 adds a bit more enjoyment, with just a little more mid bass, and slightly warmer presentation.
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Okay. Q701 sounds good for me. Its $200 more expensive than K701(i live in finland so its hard to order anywhere outside EU). But if those are good for $500 then ill buy those. 

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They require a pretty good amp. I didn't think I would like them as much as I do, but they surprised me. I didn't care for the K701 for music, but really liked the Q701. A good alternative is the DT880s, which add a little more sub bass and treble, and a little less mids, but pretty comparable.
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Those DT:s are way more cheaper than AKQ cans. Do those DTs need expensive amp with them or could i drive them with for example Matrix mini-i? Or something like that. DTs are advertised as comfortable phones too and thats not bad for me, cause i sit cans on my head most of the time when im home.

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I would say the DT880s need as much as the AKGs. I'd suggest the 250ohm which to be honest, seems easier to than the 32/600ohms.
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Okay thanks very much! Do you have any "cheap" suggestions for amp that run DTs well? Gwarmi had good suggestions but when i looked the prices of those I think my budget will be too low :D

Matrix M-Stage is about 300 dollars so that would be nice.

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That would be what I'd go for in your situation.
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