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Should post in the thread and put your name/user/city/state so I can put you on the list for a badge and confirmed attendees. Our limit is about 40ish and we're at 22 so far.

There will be a couple vinyl rigs there courtesy of the local vendors.
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Few things:

-You can bring useful things to a meet that aren't audio-related.  Think along the lines of food and drink.

-Texas is home to Cavalli Audio.  I'd look into that.  If I'm not mistaken, Dr. Cavalli was kind enough to let MorbidToaster borrow a Liquid Fire.

-Set a budget.  The audio hobby can spiral out of control very fast.  There was recently a thread where some guy was talking about taking a loan to buy audio equipment.  The pitfalls to doing something like that are obvious, so don't prioritize gear over fiscal solvency.

-The fun is in the journey.  There's really no big rush to get to high-end.  You also tend to have a better appreciation for the value of high-end once you have a better perspective of what's out there.

-You've mentioned the LCD-3 a few times.  It costs nearly $2k.  You shouldn't even be considering making an expenditure like that without hearing it first.  Some of the early adopters didn't like the headphones.  You don't want to end up with an unpleasant surprise.

-Try to attend CanJam.  You can listen to a ton of gear across a wide price point distribution, without having to make a large monetary commitment.  It's a good way to narrow down your options and find what you like.

-Read.  A lot.  Senior members drop pearls of wisdom regularly, so heed their words.  However, don't take your forum readings as gospel.  Trust only your ears.  (Also, feel free to ignore post counts.  Just because somebody has 1500+ posts does not necessarily make them a repository of useful information.)

-The best bang for the buck is in DIY.


Hope that helps.

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OP, what's your budget for a DAC?

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I agree with the recommendations of several of the folks that have already posted. While there are a lot less choices in terms of high-end headphones than high-end speakers, there are still quite a few, and they are all pretty different from each other. You really need to get an idea of what kind of sound you are looking for before you start trying to figure out whether to buy a Cary CD-500 vs. an Ayre CX-7e MP. The cables can wait as well. 


I personally prefer my Stax Omega 2 to any open dynamic headphone that I've heard, but that's me. Keep in mind you do not need to drop $10K to really enjoy a Stax setup. The SR-507 and the SRM-323S will sound pretty great for around $2K. Or, you may prefer the Hifiman HE-6 with a speaker amp.

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