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lol the krk 8400 look very stylish in photos or layed out on a desk or something. but once you put them on and look in the mirror, you'll know why they will be staying home.

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Well, while I thoroughly agree on the recommendation of the HD25:1-II, I saw what you asked about the E6, and just as an FYI, the E6 uses the same amp as the E7, but the E7 has an internal DAC. So just for mobile use, the E6 is great.

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At the risk of being insulted by wannabe audiophile nerds, I'd recommend the Bose Triport AE 2.  Seriously.  They're pretty good.  Check them out in the store.


They fold flat, have excellent isolation, excellent comfort, and excellent bass extension (I can hear down to about 18Hz at normal volume) and impact.  They have improved durability over the Triport AE.


As for the Grado SR60/80, I found them painful to wear for extended periods, the earcups have no stops and therefore swivel freely, twisting the wires which you have to untwist when you wear them since they hit your face.  They sound like $80 headphones.  Quite a bit better than PortaPros, and slightly worse than the Triport. They have very little soundstage if any at all, which people will politely refer to as being "forward" or in the "first row".  Oh, and since they're "open" headphones, people within 5-10 feet of you will be commenting on your choice in music and telling you that you're ruining your hearing.

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Simply basing off of what I saw at FutureShop, I thought they were HD25s, but are actually HD25 1 II. Which means it was what I was looking for! They were cheaper over Amazon, so I am planning on getting it there. Thanks for the help!

EDIT: Nightowl, thanks for the info! I did my fair share of research on the Fiio amps but I can't seem to find a good reason to get the E6 over the E5? Any specific reasons?
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Where are you in Canada?  FS had the Adidas versions on sale for $199 back in September or October, but I really don't think that will happen again.  They had a sick deal on the HD558s a few weeks ago though @$139 too.  The cheapest place I've seen within Canada for the standard HD25-1 iis was $239 shipped plus taxes.  I picked mine up locally for that price.


Unless Adidas is part of your daily wardrobe or you visit their facebook page, don't spend the extra money on them. Just get the regular ones and save your money towards an amp/dac or recable.

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^ there was a BOGO deal for the HD25 adidas, managed to pick up a pair for 170 CAD including tax :D

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Living over at the GTA in Ontario! Either or, both are nice headphones. I am trying to see if Amazon.Com ships to Canada since the HD25 1 II are on sale.
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Bay Bloor Radio sells them and they have a decent demo setup if you really need to hear before buying, that's where my brother got his. I got mine from Moog on Queen West.




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