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ATH-M50 Problems?

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Well, I am new to this forum, so bear in mind about the noobish posting.


Well, I got my ATH-M50's a few days ago, not even a week, and i'm starting to hear some crackling noises.

No, I did not leave my headphones for 50 hours straight with pink noise, I listened to them as normal. 

I did use the Burninwave, but it was like, 5 minutes for each sound. And the most I ever used my headphones continuously was for 2 hours. 

But I may have blasted my headphones too much. I use the on 60%, 70% and 80% volume continuously.

I got this directly from Amazon.


This song has a crackling noise on the solo.(1:36 to 2:02)



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you shouldnt listen to badly mastred records. the crackling is there in my m50s aswell.


that album of soad is a big no no since its mastering is ****. thats why it crackles.

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Yeah i can also hear it, but maybe its supposed to be like that in the video because of the fire ? Try mp3s/flac.

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Yeah my FLAC copy doesn't crackle like the youtube version on my M50's

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Try with different songs, plug them to another source..

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Try a different song.  That album is SO BADLY mastered.  It's the opposite of the loudness war, it's horrendously quiet, but there's no bass, highs and sounds like it's being played through a tin can.

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Thanks for the replys guys, it helped me a lot.

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