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Help me choose some budget music headphones please!!! (PX-100 ii / 202 vii)

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Hey, i need some budget music headphones, i'll be using them mainly around home, for listening music, bit of gaming and also i'll plug em into the guitars amp.


My main choices are Sennheisers px 100 ii and sennheiser 202 ii.

I've also spotted some others in the store:

-Sennheiser Px90

-Sennheiser HD 203

-Sennheiser HD 419

I've heard great things about the px 100 ii, only con is that they don't come anymore with the plastic case. But they look clumsy and weak, just like those on the public libraries pcs lol xD


I got like 10 years ago a pair of hd 497 http://www.flickr.com/photos/towert7/371155518/in/set-72157594503124214/,  which broke after like 4-5 years of use, but because my way of throwing them away, n lettin em drop from the desk.. they were the best sounding pair of headphones i've ever had, and hd 202/203 look vry similar to them.


Greetings and thanks in advance

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Please someone help me

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uhm hello?

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Will anybody reply?

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The PX-100 is pretty nice but it's open so it won't isolate at all.  Might want to reconsider if you want to use them outside or in a public location.  You could also check out this thread, it will hopefully help you with your decision:


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MMh interesting. But what i'm not sure about is if the sound quality for an ultra portable headphones such as the px-100s is the same of some closed headphone such as the sennheiser 202 ii. As i said, i'll mostly use them at home so isolation/leakage is not a major concern.

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Ive got PX100 IIs , they're pretty good. I bought some Sennheiser 414 ear pads today, bit lairy in yellow , but more comfortable now I've fitted them. I don't use mine outside home either .

Regarding build quality I don't think you need to worry, had mine about a year and half and they're still in perfect condition, they have been beefed up in comparison the the original PX100s which I also had . Those eventually broke but the new version is better .

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Oh i've seen that those 414 pads fit in alot of diffrnt headphones, black n yellow or even white px's would look extremely sexy with that.

Again, ppl love px100s II and they look sturdy comfortable. But i've tried many ultra portable headphones such as the hd 220 adidas and some hd 228 and they are awful, cheap build quality, they are kinda flat, don't feel comfortable even thou they're ultra light, and sound is weak and empty. I'd say that a 3 dollars "SONIA" earphones would sound better lol.


Do they sound as good as bigger headphones such as hd 202/203 and have a detailed sound quality with a decent soundstage imaging?

My main concern about 202/203 is the endless and dual cable, most headphones i've had with dual cable, after few months, a cup stops working.

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Alright, i finally decided for the px-100s ii. I wanna move around house easily, from the computer to the guitar amp, from there to the living room and also i won't find any difficulties carrying it outside.

px-100 are simple portable headphones and are cheap cos of that, i think cos the look of 202/203, they're cheap cos they're meant to be a low-end version of more expensive ones, and they feel cheap + they're uncomfortable.


Also noticed that px-100 specs are superior to the ones from bigger headphones.


I'm not an audiophile with headphones but hope they meet my expectations.

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Im sure you know already but they need a burn in period, after the first 2 -3 days they'll sound better, dont go thinking you made a mistake until you give them some time.

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MMh yea. But normally the sound impresses me the most at first, so then i won't notice that burn in period improvement at all. I was afraid of portable headphones for having tried hd 220/228, which are crap even after months of use.

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I've read that the hd 238 are like the px100 on steroids. Is it worth paying like 10 dollars more n gettin a pair of hd 238 precision? they look the same than the hd200/228 which i hate so much xD

And also the specs of the px 100 are still superior. Around that price range they were only inferior than the philips 8500.

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Have you checked this thread?


The PX100 II, HD228 and 238 are reviewed in the Tier B $50- 100  section.

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I know, but they don't directly compare em

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Hm, if portability isn't a major concern for you perhaps you should check out something from Grado, or the Alessandro MS1.

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