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Opinion on Denon DCP-50

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Is this built like the DCP-100 and DCP-150? I know it's not the same quality as far as sound I guess because of lesser quality DA converters but the pictures make it look more the 100/150 then the cheap plastic DCP-30.

Whaddaya think?

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It's not supposed to be as good as the DCP-100 or DCP-150. But it looks like a less sophisticated DCP-100 or 150 with less buttons and features:

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Has anyone ever compared the DCP-100 with the DCP-150?

I know that they have different components and features (bass boost, etc.), but how different do they sound?
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DCP-150 much > DCP-100

I've read somewhere that the DCP-100 is okay, but the DCP-150 blows everything out of the water. They have a similar sound though. If you have the DCP-100 I'm pretty sure you'd be satisfied with. The consensus is that the DCP-30 and DCP-70/7D are ok while the DCP-100 and DCP-150 are among the best.

And it's called the search button.
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I've got a DCP-100. It's great....very clean sounding.

Yes, I've searched, but I don't think that anyone here has done a side by side comparison between the 100 and the 150. It's all conjecture.
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No one's done a lengthy Denon PCDP review or comparison to date, but there is information from searching.

Short DCP-100/DCP-150 Comparisons


Go to the 11th post.


First few sentences.

ps: provacative user name.
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Originally posted by Oddball
DCP-150 much > DCP-100
I've read somewhere that the DCP-100 is okay...
I listened to the headphone out of the DCP-100 last weekend and it was great. I only had a few minutes with it but IMO it would rival any Sony with a headphone out (I have heard just about all of them).

A DCP-50 sold on ebay in the past week for about $50.00. Probably worth a shot.
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I don't think DCP 50 is as well built as dcp 100 and 150. Indeed, 30/50/70 are so damn similar because 30/70 get very similar circuits and 50/70 get almost the same components (DAC and so on....) 

I think the main deference between dcp 100 and dcp 150 is on the term of style instead of details. DCP 100 used 2 PCM 66 as DACs, which are just the same as sony d555 and can't be much worse than the 18 bit DAC of Dcp 150.

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