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I read the article at B&N a few days ago, and enjoyed it for the most part. By article I mean the whole write up. A few 'hi-fi mags' have mentioned headphones because of their
huge showing at RMAF, IMO. 


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Dear Readers,


Do take note of this month's issue of The Absolute Sound magazine (Issue 220).  There was positive mention of Head-fi.org as the go-to place for people who are into high-end headphones and associated equipment.  Chris Martens, who frequently posts reviews of headphones on AV.guide (?) is clearly "one of us", provided his review of the CanJam experience at the RMAF.  My only "harumph"-ing came about when I noticed several somewhat guarded opinions being expressed by him on some products, as if he actually may not have even listened to them whilst giving the semblance that he did....sorta spun my head around a mite.



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I lol'd when they showed beats

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Nice to see Head-Fi mentioned in a big news article

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I just think it is wonderful that a true American manufactured headphone like Audeze get a mention. I hope it does wonders for their sales. I think seeing as she has little or no experience with headphones other than using them she wrote a well balanced article. Normally all one sees is Dre's Sennheisers and the rest of the usual suspects She actually researched quite a bit as well. Also Kudos for headfi getting mentioned. Hopefully that means more of the general public will join, get more educated information and then stop thinking the world ends with Bose and Beats!
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Not to be a spoil sport or polemic about this, but I'm curious why generating more interest among folks in head-fi or headphones is necessarily (or supposed to be) a good thing?  I'm trying to figure this one out - is the thought that if more new people are interested in headphones, the more incentive there'll be for manufacturers to develop new products?  To answer my own question, I doubt that the result of greater interest in our hobby will necessarily (or likely) result in greater improvements in the kinds of headphones and equipment we typically would want or have already.  Similarly, why is it necessarily "good" that more people get educated about headphones?  Even if that happens as a result of this article or other publicity, either we end up with more undesirable mass market cans and equipment, along the lines of Beats or whatever, or headphone manufacturers will simply find yet another reason to raise their prices even higher than their overly high prices now (yeah, I'm one of those who thinks 195 dollars or more for a 2 inch LOD cable is waaay too much, for example, as nice as it may look, even taking into consideration that the manufacturers have to make a profit - to my mind, overpriced is overpriced, as I see it.)   And why is it assumed that attracting more users to head-fi will result in a better website rather than simply cluttering head-fi up with unnecessary posts?  Attracting more head-fi users may increase sales for sponsors here, but how will it improve our user experience?  


This is a long way of saying that more doesn't necessarily mean better.


I'm trying to figure this one out - is the thought that if more new people are interested in headphones, the more incentive there'll be for manufacturers to develop new products?  


Good question. Maybe I'm an optimist but I believe that the more knowledgeable a consumer base becomes, the more manufacturers are going to have to cater to that consumer bases' heightened awareness of what "good" or "quality" is. Manufacturers will have to meet the new demands of this now more informed consumer base. I guess it's not just about increased interest in headphones but more about increased knowledge regarding headphones. Sites like head-fi do a great job in letting people know about what's good and what is not; what's quality and what's rubbish.  




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What are headphones??

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They're telephones that are mounted to one's head, for more convenient telephoning.

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kberta, i hope you're right - my fear is that this will be just another reason for dealers/manufacturers to raise their prices even more and more.  it would be great to see further r&d and even more improvement in headphones, but if it means ever-escalating costs (or an excuse to jack up the prices even higher than now), i think (as i mentioned before) that the article will have done more harm than good.  as it is, i think the article probably didn't have much effect either way, so probably nothing to worry about at this point ....

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A few thoughts:

It is true that in basic macroeconomics higher demand means higher prices, but I hope that a superficial article of the (well respected) NY Times cannot have a huge effect on prices.

In my thinking, there are thousands of people who have no idea about the quality of sound they can get with a ''minimal" investment in a head-phones based music system.

On the other hand, I still believe that the prices and customer service in the States seem to be from another planet compared to Europe....where I come from!

So, overall I'm happy with the article and the publicity it brings to our community :)


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I always keep in my mind that different heads have different shapes...

Some come with hair some without...

What is more, every pair of ears is different from others...

Shapes, sizes, sensitivity to touch and pressure...

All factors that can dramatically affect the way people feel about a pair of cans, comfort-wise....

And as Voltaire said “Minds differ still more than faces”


This is why, when asked, I always reply "go and try them...comfort can be as important as sound"



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The d1001 are very comfortable, true. padding weren't that nice though.
But the denons d2k and above cant match these- over 3 times thr weight of the bose!


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Not really.
The bose does have supreme, and i mean supreme comfort. It manages to be circumaural.as well.
The only other headphone with similar comfort, that is accepted as a decent can here, is the panasonic hft600. That's in my experience anyway. It's sound whacks the bose's at a third of the price.


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The Dxxx series are the most comfortable headphones I've worn (including various Bose models I've demoed). I suppose it comes down to preference.




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Originally Posted by Timestretch View Post

I never really thought about it much, but Head-Fi is actually a really big and influential site. Headphones are becoming more and more popular, and more and more people seem willing to spend the extra dollar to get nice stuff. And everywhere you go online, if somebody asks about headphones, somebody else will post a link to these very forums.  
This is great. Hopefully it means more ad hits, and more budget for youtube videos of Jude talking about headphones, haha. I showed all my friends the SR-009 review and for some reason everybody, even the people with no interest in headphones, were just enthralled, and totally sold on the idea that headphones were amazing.
This site IS influential. I first got into somewhat better portable headphones and CMOY amps here circa 2004-2005 and remembered the site when I wanted to delve further.
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hehehe, love it! 

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To be mentioned in your one of fav paper must be exciting!

Especially, when it's one of the major press..

Congratz Jude!

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I plan on mentioning Head- Fi as frequently as possible if I can manage to get my own show at my university's radio station. I can just envision my tagline - "Welcome to another segment of Head-fI with Ben". I'm just trying to get the word out there as much as possible and prevent people from giving money to corrupt corporations that don't care enough to make quality products.

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